Sibling Founders Testify Against Each Other

Endy Callahan

Lawsuits and legal issues that the press sometimes mentions and writes about occur in the crypto community on a regular basis. As long as there are people and money involved, there will always be some level of disagreement. Conflicts can ruin even the strongest partnerships. While collaborating and partnering with each other, all parties should remain fair and honest.

This is something that many participants forget about and believe that what they do may go unnoticed. Unfortunately, there are plenty of complicated cases and one of them has recently happened in the crypto space. Professionals keep an eye on the latest events related to the founder of OneCoin, whose brother decided to agree to testify against a sibling founder. As witnesses state, the case at present can seem to turn the sibling parties against each other.

Recent news reports that the Ignatovs have finally agreed to testify against each other. Konstantin is the brother of Ruja. Both are considered to be major figures behind the four-billion-USD Ponzi scheme. The two are about to testify against each other as part of a settlement. As experts state, Konstantin managed to dismiss from civil litigation.

It is believed that the man was targeting the scam. Official representatives are ready to reveal details and tell more about this extraordinary case. According to the latest details, there are more nuances that participants should know about while analyzing the terms of the settlement. As we see, the documents prove that Konstantin does not mind cooperating with the class of the company’s investors who bring the suit forward. He is fully prepared to testify against his sibling. News sources claim that he will do it on their behalf if the suit goes to trial.

What It Takes to Be a Witness

Konstantin, on the other hand, is also a defendant. More than that, he is a cooperating witness and takes part in a parallel criminal lawsuit. As professionals announce, his testimony may be of great use while trying to secure the conviction of Mark Scott.

Last year the former was mentioned in various mass media sources since his activities were linked to money laundering. Konstantin pled guilty to the numerous charges of money laundering. He is accused of conspiracy when he tried to perform wire fraud a year ago. On top, Ignatov is facing approximately ninety years imprisonment in the currently researched criminal case. Lawyers state that Konstantin’s sentencing is now scheduled for this autumn.

A few months ago the man said who the main ‘money-cleaner’ was. Data suggests that Ignatov was talking about Amer Abdulaziz Salman. The former was acting under the supervision of Mark Scott. There were more people involved in the crime and one of them was Gilbert Armena, Ruja’s ex-lover. Even though the mentioned people were suspected of several criminal activities, they have rejected the association with the scheme. In July, the bodies of the promoters of the company were found in Mexico.

All in all, the case seems to be more serious than many would have thought. The investigation is going on and detectives are doing their best to find out more details that would tell them about the criminals involved in the chain of events. This case, as many crypto participants state, is one of the most terrifying – the crypto community can hardly remember other instances that would be as complicated as this one. As soon as officials make their reports on this matter, the crypto space will instantly be informed.