Singapore Accepts Crypto for Riding

Colin Baseman

Singapore is a unique territory and here the legislation system is different from those we see in other countries. What the government has done looks and feels quite progressive and innovative. The Singaporean government has made a lot of changes and reshaped the regular course of things across the country. Many of the laws and rules that politicians issue have significantly improved the standards of living of the nation. As we see, the local authorities keep on implementing new projects.

This year is no exception – from now on citizens will be able to enjoy a special application known as Ryde. It’s a carpooling service that helps people move around the country. Some leading mass media sources include this company in their tabloids and inform the population that the team has launched its own cryptocurrency wallet. All this will attract even more customers since the wallet accepts BTC payments and provides its service to people who wish to pay in Bitcoin.

Innovations and wider options allow business owners to attract more clients. Bitcoin is one of the most widely used cryptos and there will be more and more individuals willing to carry out payments using this currency.

The representatives of the app announced that they are happy to be the first firm to offer BTC payments for their services. This will additionally improve the company’s ecosystem and make it more efficient and profitable. The first customers will be able to evaluate the new feature next Monday.

More Opportunities in the Future

This is just the very beginning of a greater change. Experts believe that there are more cryptocurrencies that are ready and willing to follow the trend. People can ride across the territory and pay for it in BTC. No fees are charged, which makes the entire project even more unique and appealing to the public.

The app sets a limit of a max amount an individual can deposit that equals seven hundred and fifteen USD. Also, the developers hope that this service will find plenty of followers and fans and there will soon be more customers able to utilize cryptocurrencies when paying for their rides. One of the reasons that triggered this program and stimulated the team is related to the coronavirus.

People are ready to adopt crypto and prefer digital money. Crypto can serve as a great payment method citizens will use for public transport. BTC is more efficient. It’s a perfect alternative to payments made in fiat money. The company realizes that it may take some time for the population to adopt the new system. However, there are plenty of examples where we see how people benefit from utilizing e-wallets and crypto while paying for daily services and purchases.

The shift towards Bitcoin will stimulate other cryptocurrencies to enter the market. Mass adoption is not far away – daily transactions in crypto are efficient, safe, and prompt. Such important factors influence the population and help people evaluate the advantages of such programs. Many crypto users residing in Brazil appreciated the offer they received last year. Fortaleza became the first area to begin accepting the leading cryptocurrency. In 2019 people started using BTC to buy bus tickets. Four years ago Italian taxi services also included BTC in their list of banking methods.

It’s obvious that soon there will be more services that allow people to pay in cryptocurrencies. This is a great way to simplify many payment procedures and make people’s lives more convenient.