SIX Swiss Exchange offered another product - Bitcoin-ETP

Judy Rubio

Asset Manager WisdomTree launched a bitcoin-based product on the largest Swiss stock exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange. The amount of assets amounted to $ 60 billion. Thanks to ETP investors have the opportunity to invest in bitcoin without the need to directly store the coins. WisdomTree is confident that the number 1 cryptocurrency is not a fleeting trend. Because of this, the coin can be safely included in the portfolio.

Swissquote will become a bitcoin custodian, and Flow Traders will serve as a market maker.

At the moment, SIX has registered 9 cryptocurrency ETPs by Amun AG. They include products based on Bitcoin, XRP, Binance Coin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. We recommend reading the article "What is altcoin", from which you can learn about many of these coins.

Expanding offers on the Swiss stock exchange

The SIX trading platform introduced the ETP tool, which is based on the Binance Coin token. 

Changpeng Zhao, who heads the Binance crypto exchange, noted, "This is an important step for us. Now users of the Swiss stock exchange can perform operations with BNB. We will continue our efforts to integrate cryptocurrency with the classic financial world! Many thanks to AmunAG!»

The news led to an instant increase in the BNB rate by 2.5%. The asset's capitalization immediately increased to $ 2.8 billion.

Hani Rashwan, who heads the financial and technology company Amun, said that initially, the ETP will be used to provide a BNB token in the amount of $ 20 million. This indicator reaches almost 25% of all cryptocurrency assets under the firm's management.

Binance Coin is the eighth digital product from Amun, which is presented on SIX. ETR and other coin transactions are performed on the trading platform.

The Swiss exchange offers to their clients ETP on Bitcoin and Ethereum

The leading Swiss stock exchange SIX has announced plans to launch an ETP based on Ethereum and Bitcoin. The launch of the new financial instrument was carried out with the participation of the financial and technological company Amun AG and the bitcoin custodian Suisse AG. Bitcoin and Ethereum are represented as 90% and 10%, respectively. On the exchange, the tool will be used under the ABBA Ticker.

Representatives of Amun AG emphasized, "The proposed product is fully secured by physical assets. For each Bitcoin and Ethereum unit included in the tool, a corresponding number of digital coins will be purchased. All of them will be safe in the Bitcoin Suisse Vault."

Swiss exchange SIX announced plans to develop its own token

The largest Swiss stock exchange, SIX Swiss, will develop its platform for trading digital assets with a native token next year. The platform also plans to offer an Initial Digital Offering “IDO”. This statement was made by the exchange's top Manager, Thomas Seeb.

Mr. Seeb noted that the SIX exchange has accepted the appeal of several companies planning to bring tokenized instruments to the market. These include private equity, classic securities, and funds. Therefore, the crypto exchange is seriously studying the possibility of issuing its own token, which will serve as a basis for implementing such initiatives. If successful, IDO will fully meet the IPO's initial public offering standards.

Zeeb focused, "Maybe in the future, the token will replace the shares."

However, SIX is not yet exploring the possibility of adding Bitcoin and other digital coins to the future platform due to legal uncertainty and possible regulatory issues.

The advanced Swiss stock exchange will tokenize assets using Corda technology

The SIX Swiss Exchange platform will use R3's Corda blockchain platform to develop a regulated SDX platform. It will be used for trading digital assets, custodial services and settlements.

Institutional clients will get the opportunity from SDX to use classic tools not only for financial assets, but also for cryptocurrencies. Corda technology will be used for conducting peer-to-peer transactions, forming smart contracts, and conducting STO.

Investors will be able to trade assets as well as use them as collateral, loans and payment instruments within the SDX economic system in other asset markets.

SWIFT payment system announced cooperation with the R3 blockchain consortium

At the financial and technological forum in Paris, Gottfried Leibbrandt, who is the head of the international SWIFT system, announced plans to introduce technologies from R3. He stated, "We are announcing a collaboration with R3."

Against the background of an extensive internal reorganization, 2 top managers left the company. In the near future, R3 will find a replacement for them.

The Swiss exchange will offer customers another product based on the bitcoin ETF

The SIX Swiss Exchange is the 4th largest stock exchange in Europe. It will launch the next Exchange Traded Product. It includes BTC – 48.13%, XRP-29.1%, ETH-16.38%, BCH-3.75%, LTC-2.73%. The tool will have a HOLD5 Ticker.

Hani Rashwan noted, "Thanks to Amun ETP, institutional investors will have access to digital currencies. To date, they are limited only to securities, and exchanges do not open a token vault for them. The new tool will be used by retail investors who do not have access to bitcoin platforms against the background of the regulator's restrictions."

SIX Swiss Exchange offers customers a huge selection of products based on bitcoin ETFs. It serves retail and institutional investors. If you have a desire to test yourself in cryptocurrency trading, you should pay close attention to this trading platform. It is reliable, easy to operate and offers customers flexible financial instruments.