Snowden Might Return to the USA

Endy Callahan

Politicians make serious decisions and at times what they do totally transforms and changes the lives of certain people. One such individual is Edward Snowden. There are still plenty of reports and messages announcing about Snowden’s stay in Russia – he has been away from his native land for more than seven years.

As many journalists say, Edward’s ‘exile’ might have come to an end. Professionals state that President Donald Trump is ready to consider allowing Snowden to return back home. This is great news for the exiled man and this decision, as witnesses say, was made during a recently arranged press conference a few days ago.

Leading mass media sources announce that Edward Snowden is likely to be allowed to come back to the USA, but this would all depend on Donald Trump’s choice to grant a pardon. Two days ago there was areport where we see that the President admitted he was ready to start considering a possible pardon.

He is well aware of the situation and what happened seven years ago. Snowden has been living away from his family since 2013 – he left the country seven years ago. Living in an asylum is quite a challenge for any person no matter how strong morally or mentally he is. Trump reported thepress he would start reconsidering his previous decision in the future.

However, right after his comment, there were dozens of people who believed that the whistleblower should be being treated more fairly. Snowden keeps an eye on the recent events and posts on Twitter. He also follows Trump’s comments and after finding out about the president’s decision, he replied saying that he still remembers the time when politicians were considering a pardon and that was four years ago.

How Realistic Is It to Be Pardoned?

Authorities are trying to analyze the matter and see how guilty Snowden is. They are researching his case verycarefully – their mission is to identify his guilt and, if possible, let the man return back home after his seven years abroad. What Snowden exposed might have greatly damaged the NSA's system.

According to the accused person, mass surveillance can harm people hence it is an unconstitutional behavior and it must be prevented. The country’s Constitution states that the president who is currently in office has the right and power to grant pardons. He can also grant reprieves and make punishment less harsh. This is allowed by the official document and is applied to offenses against the USA.

Edward, nevertheless, has still to be ready to face several federal charges since he violated the Espionage Act. He is also accused of theft of the property belonging to the government. If Donald Trump invokes this authority, Snowden would be the twenty-sixth person the sitting president has pardoned since he took office three years ago. Edward has been active even during his ‘exile’ period. He sometimes expresses his viewpoints in the cryptocurrency.

More than that, he is interested in blockchain technologies and many other opportunities offered by the crypto community. In some instances, he regards this technology as a ‘devastatingly’ public project. Seven years ago Snowden used servers that would simply leak hundreds of documents to the mass media, and, as Edward states, they were rewarded for employing the top-ranked cryptocurrency.

On top, he said that he would sometimes feel as if he were purchasing the crypto during the downturn five months ago – back then the price of the asset fell to three thousand seven hundred and eighty-two USD. Last year the man mentioned he might consider using crypto. There have been some financial issues andsanctions imposed by the officials over Snowden’s book sales that made his turn to crypto as a good alternative.