Sponsorship for Turkey's National Soccer Teams

Judy Rubio

Sport events that the world is so interested in would hardly be ever possible without sponsors. It’s true that the sports industry requires a lot of financial support and the money that various sports clubs need may become one of the major reasons why this or that team wins or loses.

Critically thinking individuals feel doubtful about the huge amounts of money that governments spend on national teams. They claim that people who play sports should not receive as much of financial aid as they do at present. Amateurs feel envious of many basketball players’ incomes – what they make sounds insane to some since their annual earnings exceed millions of U.S. dollars.

Knowing how much most of the governments pay to their national sports teams may sometimes irritate the nation since investing millions of dollars in people who cannot guarantee victory might look unreasonable and immature. Many viewers believe that sportsmen should be paid much less. On the other hand, the situation does not seem to be changing in this regard. On the contrary, sports teams keep on finding new sponsors who are willing to support them.

One such sponsor that many mass media outlets are talking about is BtcTurk. This brand belongs to the well-know cryptocurrency exchange who has finally decided to be the main sponsor of the country’s national soccer teams. Crypto market analysts mention that the exchange wants to join forces with the country’s football federation. This is an essential step all parties should take while moving toward the EUFA with the intention to participate in the European Championship next year.

Main Goals Leading to Success

Being the main sponsor is a responsible activity. Organizers are planning to provide support to both men’s soccer teams and women players. According to news agencies, this will be done through an agreement with the football federation of Turkey. All documents will be thoroughly studied and analyzed before signing – the participants will have to abide by the points listed in the contracts to be able to receive sponsorships.

At the same time, the official announcement states that the agreement will be valid for the upcoming twenty-eight months. Also, the event proves that the exchange is likely to become the first platform to sign a sponsorship with a national football team. Any of the country’s soccer teams does not use sponsor logos and you cannot see any brand name on their uniforms. However, the mentioned exchange’s logo will be displayed on sportsmen and sportswomen’s training clothing.


It’s essential to mention that last year the crypto exchange signed a sponsorship agreement with the country’s teams called Yeni Malatyaspor. As representatives stated, they were proud of being the major supporters of the national teams and they do hope that their support will help the sportsmen reveal their full potential during the European Championship next year. Some analysts are wondering whether it would be possible to denominate contracts employing crypto assets.

Specialists announce that contracts usually function as the ground in such situations. If all parties agree and found the common ground, then they can receive crypto as a payment method. Contracts can be arranged in a way that allows making payments in various cryptocurrencies. More than that, it is possible to convert assets into gold as well as many other values.