Starbucks Welcomes Blockchain Technologies

Judy Rubio

One of the most popular coffee chains in the world has finally integrated a blockchain solution developed and created by Microsoft – this was done to track the supply chain and includes everything starting from the very coffee beans delivery and shipment to the processes that are required for coffee making.

All relevant information will be placed on each coffee package and customers will be able to see a special QR-code on the product. Similar methods and approaches are offered to farmers who will be able to track and trace their production.

Cloud Starbuck looks and feels quite progressive and innovative in many ways. For instance, experts remind coffee fans that a year ago Microsoft’s team announced that Starbucks would soon employ several services of a cloud platform called Azure. Newly developed features will be available in the mobile application and individuals are welcome to test and rate Starbucks Rewards to see its full potential, benefits, and options.

Thanks to Azure Blockchain, customers will receive all necessary details related to the package of their favorite brand of coffee. They will learn where coffee beans were grown, how they were roasted, and much more. Also, users will gain access to personalized recommendations of food and drinks based on four hundred various factors and parameters.

As specialists state, the list includes the popularity of some certain dishes, availability of their ingredients at the cafeteria, time of day as well as weather conditions. Recommendations are formed through Azure special equipment and programs. More than that, coffee spots will be able to analyze their coffee machines through IoT Azure Sphere. Technologies will help the staff to find and identify failures and fix them in due time.

Advanced Approaches for Better Services

Starbucks is now focused on implementing reinforcement learning technology. This is a sort of equipment learning that taught a system to make the right decisions when the environment is either unpredictable or complex. Processes involve external feedback and provide a personalized experience for users who choose to download the chain’s application developed for all mobile owners.

Within the very application, clients get tailored order deals produced through a platform that is provided by Microsoft Azure. Sixteen million active members can currently receive wise suggestions and useful recommendations from the software. It all reminds of regular contact with a live barista when people receive the same quality and attention when it comes from the brand’s digital platforms.

Most of what customers receive will look relevant to what they usually opt for. The platform adjusts to the individual’s tastes and preferences and suggests the selection of food and drinks the person would usually choose. All in all, reinforcement learning permits the application to familiarize with each client much better. On the other hand, even though the suggestions are generated by a machine, the end goal is personal contact and interaction.

Another aspect that executives point out is that their team is focused on pursuing and applying data to keep on improving the experience for their partners as well as customers. What the firm is doing is truly vital to the application and now the company is leveraging information to make its drive-thru experience even more rewarding for all parties.

Hopefully, AI will help the business understand clients and adjust to their personal preferences. Store design also depends on machine learning. More than that, it is beneficial while engaging with partners or creating schedules. Sooner or later, the newly implemented system will cover all facets of how the firm runs its business.