Swipe Wallet Service Welcomes AVA

Annabella Cornelly

There are thousands of active users who own Swipe wallets and they make full use of the features that various applications provide. AVA, as we know, is the native token and this is what Travala.com can take pride in. The Swipe service found it useful to add this asset. Also, customers who opt to employ the Visa card platform will see this novelty in their system. All in all, the innovation will cater to more than sixty million merchants all around the globe.

Specialists who are now analyzing the situation and the consequences of the pandemic admit that the world’s tourism industry has been suffering a lot. Some have failed while other companies like Travala are not yet ready to give up and strive to improve their state by boosting crypto’s usability.

Recently, some of the leading news agencies have reported that the wallet service is likely to add the company’s native token to its own platform and, which is not less important, it will also appear on the Visa card platform. Millions of merchants across the world will be able to evaluate and rate the new change.

Of course, the news seems essential for those who deal with cryptocurrencies and most of them are happy to find out that the token will receive support from several top-ranked firms like Apple, Google, and Samsung. The integration with the mentioned corporations will permit five hundred thousand customers of Swipe’s wallet to perform a series of operations related to trading.

Acquisition by Major Crypto Exchanges

Major crypto exchanges like Binance are willing to accept the innovation and they assist Swipe in obtaining all necessary certification that the team might need to launch a debit card for crypto users. Travala decided tomigrate to the exchange’s chain last autumn. Partnerships help move forward and multiple collaborations bring crypto to various platforms. Besides the token’s integration into the firm’s platform, Travala will add SXP as one of the preferred payment alternatives.

This option is great for performing bookings at more than two million hotels across two hundred and thirty countries. Some of the listed accommodation alternatives are featured atPriceline. Other well-known services that we can compare the team to areBooking.com along with not less famousExpedia. AVA, as the founders say, is not the only available option and there are over a dozen other payment methods customers can choose from.


People can make reservations utilizing BCH and, if need be, they can pay for the service in BNB. Many customers opt for LTC while others find XMR more convenient. Speaking to journalists, Travala’s official representatives announced that they are proud of their two-way integration and strongly hope that there soon will be significant adoption. Clients will have a more advanced system that instantly converts the platform’s tokens into fiat money.

This makes tokens usable in other areas where systems accept Visa or mobile payment services. New strategies keep emerging and they can reshape many things in various spheres of our lives, including the tourism industry. Being ready to accept the changes is one of the major steps towards even greater possibilities in the future.