Technologies Help Shoemakers Verify Original Nikes

Endy Callahan

Who would have ever imagined a few years ago that we will have technologies that will help us verify the authenticity of the items that we possess? However unbelievable that might sound, but blockchain seems to be of greater use than many people may think. According to the recent reports and news outlets, a custom shoemaker from Australia is efficiently using VeChain – the man needs this sort of tool to verify the authenticity of a certain product. According to the user, this way helps him see whether Nike shoes are original and licensed.

VeChain, as specialists describe it, is a platform based on blockchain principles. It can help those who need a traceability instrument. Many people who purchase limited-edition items like Nike shoes can use the platform to see whether what they obtained is certified and original. The Australian user needed the platform to trace Nike Air Max 1 shoes to find out whether he owns a licensed pair.

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Chase Shiel is the shoemaker from Australia who announced a couple of days ago that he established a partnership with a retailer. He was willing to produce a limited amount of the famous model. The sneakers he needed were based on a previously launched version that was popular fifteen years ago.

There is another fact that may surprise many Nike fans – according to the latest reports, Shiel will let his sneakers go on sale this weekend. To purchase the goods, one will need to visit the seller’s website.

The Platform Helps to Tell the Authenticity of Footwear

The newly developed platform is designed to tell whether the buyer has the right sort of goods. Now all those who decide to buy the limited edition of Nike shoes will be able to see their authenticity using VeChain. The retailer that the shoemaker collaborates with has recently tweeted and paid attention to the fact that buyers can trace the shoes using the new feature along with Thor Blockchain. Both the seller and retailers hope that ToolChain is the right sort of suite to help users verify authenticity.

The man first mentioned that he was collaborating with the platform’s team a year ago. He then tweeted that the newly launched instrument would be leveraged and its major role would be to verify and prove authenticity. Next, the platform will also fight products that are counterfeit. The sneakers that Shiel will send will have the platform’s tracking chip. This element will allow people as well as retailers to gain access to more information and details related to the product. They will just need to scan a special QR code.

The entire idea may sound amusing to some users. Nevertheless, there are plenty of supporters who see several major benefits. VeChain seems to have found the right strategy. Now the brand can cooperate with smaller shoe firms that have recently launched licensed products by Nike. The decision itself is great and the partnership might be more productive than expected by critics.

VeChain got in touch with several other chains and subsidiaries across the country and offered its partnership with companies across the border. The team intends to collaborate, develop new projects, and seek success.