The First Commercial U.S. Spacecraft Gets into Orbit

David Kemp

SpaceX in collaboration with NASA has finally decided to gear up – their mission this year is to create history by launching their spaceflight.

The mass media reports about the successful launch of Crew Dragon. The craft has with two astronauts on board. The country is ready to let private corporations resume their space projects after a decade.

Previously, NASA astronauts used to employ spacecraft brought from Russia. Now, this is the first time the United States has eventually launched its project and the start seems to be successful. The stormy weather on May 27 prevented the first attempt. The next opportunity was put off till Saturday. Luckily, the second attempt was successful and the spacecraft was launched.

Participants Made a Success

The companies decided that it was important to have an extra backup time in case the weather is not appropriate and planned another launch for Tuesday. The skies need to be reasonably clear for the event to occur.

Elon Musk, the famous industrial designer and technology entrepreneur, is now ready to celebrate his success. He has already given his post-launch speech congratulating the team and all people who participated in the project.

Falcon 9 is the reusable launch vehicle which was produced in the USA. SpaceX designed as well as manufactured the machine. Thanks to the innovative technology, the spacecraft was launched two American astronauts into the Earth’s orbit. The program was performed from Cape Canaveral located in Florida.

The country is proud of having accomplished the first commercial spacecraft in the past ten years. Officials claim that they did all possible to ensure a safe and secure landing. The agencies will keep scanning the ocean and keep track of forecast. The specialists utilize weather tools and various instruments to guarantee that the vehicle’s ride would be smooth. 

The first stage of the craft separated and returned to the ground. Once the second stage separated, Crew Dragon went into the Earth’s orbit. The spacecraft will reach the station after 10 a.m., May 31.

Perspectives and Further Development

Dragon 2 was developed by SpaceX. The entire process was supervised by NASA’s representatives, researchers, and scientists. Six years ago the spacecraft was introduced and the team decided to improve the vehicle. Throughout the past decade, the two companies have been working on the project taking into consideration the previous launches that were rather unsuccessful. 

The industry still remembers the catastrophe that occurred in 1981 and five years later, in 1986. As we remember, Space Shuttle was the last U.S. program that was closed in 2011. Space Shuttle Challenger experienced a failure that was caused by an external tank explosion. The incident resulted in the death of five astronauts and two payload specialists.

Despite the latest commercial project and its successful launch, NASA will keep employing Soyuz crew launches. On May 13, the USA purchased one seat on a Soyuz spacecraft. The launch is scheduled for the autumn. The cost of the contract is kept confidential. On average, two years ago one vacancy on a Soyuz was worth eighty-two million USD.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley expect the space industry’s annual global revenue to exceed $1 trillion a year by 2040, from the current estimate of about $350 billion.

Today’s news reached every corner of the globe. This historic event will transform the entire space industry of the United States. It gives opportunities to carry out research programs and improve the country’s space technologies.