The Market Welcomes Diversity and Inclusion

David Kemp

Traders admit that blockchain is ready to welcome all. It’s surprising there is a huge number of industry stakeholders who claim that the crypto as well as blockchain might become even more diverse due to the fact that the technology is steadily spreading all around the world.

Financial inclusion is one of the topics and major reasons why there is a pursuit of crypto innovation and blockchain development. We know that the financial scene at a global scale is under gatekeepers’ monopoly. Which is important, a few disenfranchised demographics confirm that they are cut off from viable channels that they could use to achieve economic prosperity.

Products that we get from blockchain and crypto can widen international payment frames and give more opportunities – this, in turn, would ensure that global economics is democratic enough. Several other platforms invent and offer various solutions that can serve as an instrument in solving issues related to development that we see in several historically disenfranchised territories. The list includes the majority of African countries.

Luckily, blockchain innovation and crypto keep on spreading to numerous regions. Most organizations in the industry are likely to collaborate with people from every corner of the world.

Racial inclusion and diversity is an important matter. This is what economic prosperity and technological development depend on. We should also bear in mind that the current political environment influences the entire atmosphere of the crypto space.

There is no place for discrimination or racial bias – right now our society should focus on the well-being that the technology and many services related to financial sectors can boost up the standard of living.

Current Situation in Silicon Valley

Experts and crypto market analysts admit that George Floyd’s death has made a great impact on many sectors and thousands of institutions decided to add their voices –now there is much more support of equality. People do realize that racial discrimination needs eradication.

More than that, crypto companies and tech industry also took part in numerous events to demonstrate their solidarity with the black community in the USA. Many specialists announce they still notice injustice and inequality and this issue exists in many countries. This problem runs very deep in our society.

Luckily, most people do all possible to change the situation and have already noticed a positive change. This proves that the world can live in a just environment where the individual’s race is irrelevant. Silicon Valley is famous for several scandals and even the most prominent tech giants haven’t managed to avoid serious issues related to this topic.

Six years ago most of the companies working in Silicon Valley started to publish their workforce demographics. In this period there has been too little improvement and currently, inclusion and diversity cannot be considered their strongest points. Technology needs to be more neutral. However, real life shows a different image.

Technological innovations are sometimes constructed in a way that won’t allow people of darker skin tones to be detected. Not all soap dispensers detect black skin, for instance. Vocal inflections typical of certain ethnic communities cannot sometimes be recognized by technologies, either.

Many problems of this kind are ignored by software engineers. Instead of solving them, many companies choose to block some certain features of their equipment. Unfortunately, there are underlying issues that exist, and resolving them is an essential step toward a safe, secure, and just world.