The most popular programming languages for blockchain technology

Colin Baseman

Blockchain technology has a lot of solutions to offer to the crypto world. Its implementation requires a variety of applications that allow you to collect, store and process information. There are many languages for developing blockchain applications. Read about their features in the article "Nuances of blockchain programming". Consider the most common languages.


This programming language appeared a long time ago, C++ remains the most popular for blockchain. It is compiled and high-level. This language allows you to develop complex applications. C++ is not required from a high-performance device and does not put a large load on memory.

Programming language properties allows you to work efficiently with different end-points at the same time. This is the key purpose of blockchain. The network of blocks is designed just for simultaneous interaction of users. In fact, C++ language was used to develop bitcoin and Ethereum.


This programming language has been actively used since 1995. It is object-oriented and independent. This explains its popularity. Java programs can be run on any computer with the appropriate environment (JRE).

Over the years, Java has been used to write web applications. It is ideal for building blockchain software and performing network operations. The programming language allows different devices to remain autonomous in the blockchain network.


The programming language has been actively developed and used since 1991. These days many developers are eager to use it for creating applications. Python is simple and doesn't require a lot of resources. Thanks to the wide community of programmers who use this language, you can always get professional help.

When it comes to Python, it can be used for developing web and computer programs. At the same time, it is useful for blockchain development.


Russell O'connor is the creator of this programming language. One may take advantage of its efficiency for developing smart contracts. The programming language incorporates the best of Bitcoin Script and Ethereum virtual machine.

The development environment uses a static analysis algorithm to predict and then analyze the cost of running the program. Simplicity is widely used to define expectations. Therefore, it has a good chance to replace many programming languages used to create smart-contracts.

We have explored only a few programming languages for blockchain technology implementation. We would recommend you to carefully check all the ins and outs before choosing one of the options for your project. No doubts, you should research their main features, strengths and weaknesses. This way you could find the best solution that perfectly corresponds to your needs.