The Pandemic Has Ruined a Travel Platform

Colin Baseman

Travelling has always been millions of people’s major hobby and favorite activity. Developed countries have good standards of living where people can afford frequent trips to distant lands. Some travel for business while others need it for their work.

At the same time, developing countries are also curious about the planet and wish to explore other countries and continents. No doubt, they also establish partnerships and contacts that help them grow and improve. However, there are certain things and events that can prevent people from booking flights and hotels simply because of unpredictable phenomena.

And now we are talking about the latest crisis that the coronavirus brought to the entire planet. As we know, the pandemic has ruined hundreds of businesses and there are currently millions of unemployed people in every country.

During harsh times people can hardly plan and arrange their trips for two reasons. First, they do not have sufficient amounts of money to explore the world or travel abroad. Second, the lockdown period made everybody stay at home for a few months.

All this proves that booking volumes on the Binance-backed travel booking platform decreased by ninety percent during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many travel agencies and the entire industry of global travel have grounded to a total standstill. This is something that no one could ever expect or predict, but governments in almost all countries announced strict measures. Lockdowns were applied to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Travellers Can No Longer Use Platforms

Participants of the virtual blockchain conference mentioned this negative change and explained to the public how the pandemic affected Travala, one of the most popular crypto travel agencies operating online. According to the founders, their business has faced a sharp fall in booking volumes.

Up to February, there was a visible growth – the booking volumes were steadily increasing. Unfortunately, the virus reached crisis levels and the pandemic ruined the entire picture. Since the very beginning of the lockdown period, the company has experienced up to a ninety-percent decrease in the total amount of bookings within several weeks.

Many travellers as well as travel platforms and agencies hope that recovery is just around the corner and soon they will start enjoying their favorite activities and improving their businesses. Travala has already noticed some positive change and announced that last month they had a two-hundred-percent growth.

More than that, there was one-hundred-and-sixty-percent growth in hotel bookings. It seems that domestic travellers are getting more and more involved in the process. In comparison to the same period last year, the owners see twice as many purchases.

According to many experts, full recovery can be expected by September when people will start making international reservations. Travala also announced that the team is ready to establish a partnership with a platform that allows people to make bookings in more than thirty cryptocurrencies. There are many other projects and plans that the company expects to realize in the nearest few months.