The Previous Figure Won’t Pose Resistance for BTC

Endy Callahan

It’s always refreshing and quite interesting to hear and read what the most prominent crypto market analysts think about the current situation on the crypto market. Some specialists are trying to analyze the previous data and draw conclusions basing their knowledge on what they earlier saw and experienced.

In some instances, their prognosis may be exact, accurate, and precise. However, there is always a chance they may be mistaken in their conclusions. One of the people known to the entire crypto community is Max Keiser who is willingly sharing his viewpoints and ideas with the rest of the sector claiming that twenty thousand USD will not pose any sort of resistance for the top-ranked crypto’s price.

According to several leading news agencies, the crypto’s price is likely to surpass twenty-eight thousand USD. At the same time, they say that the previous figures cannot act as any resistance. As a result, the crypto market may expect the price to shoot for even greater figures.

As the founder of Heisenberg Capital states, the price should soon rally to twenty-eight thousand USD. Keiserbelieves that the twenty-thousand-USD level for the crypto is not a big deal at all – participants will not meet any resistance until twenty-eight thousand USD. We can expect to see a short-term pullback.

Next, there will be an assault on one hundred thousand USD and it will be quite breathtaking to witness the move. Over the past two weeks, the price has increased from nine thousand two hundred USD to twelve thousand USD. What we now see is actually the highest data in more than a year. The crypto market is taking full advantage of the strong momentum of the two leading assets.

Professionals Reaffirm Their Predictions

The past month was outstandingly active and full of action. Professionals expect the crypto to finally surpass twenty-eight thousand USD and then immediately reach six figures. Last week, when the price broke out of eleven thousand USD, Keiser reaffirmed his prognosis. Right now, the momentum is maintained and the support level is similar.

Heading to six figures is what all specialists may expect to see in the nearest future, according to Max Keiser. A pullback will come right before the major change. What the founder says might sound reasonable, especially now that we saw how the price fell from twelve thousand USD to ten thousand five hundred USD within around fifteen minutes. This, in turn, causes one billion USD to be liquidated across the entire market.

Some of the divergences looked bearish before the fall happened. After the movement, the market required stabilization from an overheated rally. Melkersaid and commented on the one-thousand-seven-hundred-USD hourly candle.

If we are talking about the short-term, then there are analysts who see quite a different trend for the asset. They expect the top-ranked assets to show low volatility. Next, they think there will be a sideways action lasting for a few weeks in a row.

Traders claim that altcoins will probably benefit from this action. According to them, the market will see volatility on currencies as they determine their range. However, over some time, this will inevitably start to decrease.