The Recent Launch and Expectations from the Rally

Endy Callahan

The launch of Theta Mainnet 2.0 may bring the unexpected. The massive rally is probably hiding something we cannot yet predict and foresee. In the run-up to the launch, one can find plenty of partnerships. Some of them are high-profile hence we can trust they know what they are doing by speeding up and boosting gains of four-digit data percentage for the company’s tokens and this has been occurring, according to the market analysts, between April and May.

Theta is an application that keeps on rallying further of its expected launch. It is now gaining one hundred and fifty percent – all this in the 2 weeks.

We know that the brand’s token is currently up about one thousand three hundred percent. The figures have been growing for the past two months starting with mid-March crash.

Technical upgrading is approaching. Besides this, its rally seems to have received plenty of fueling from several partnerships. There are a few media platforms that support the project and the list includes Samsung. They also promote and help Android TV.

Theta is adjusted for crypto. It offers around the clock services and transmits conferences as well as many other events like live tournaments and Esports. It is known among people dealing with the cryptocurrency community as well as blockchain technology. Some of those most customers have heard of is Crypto Asia Summit. Hundreds of users keep track of the reports from Consensus.

Active and frequent users receive rewards. The company appreciates their engagement. People get tokens and customers can earn them through staking.

Parabolas in Theta’s Data

The new record is now in the diagrams. The data appeared online a couple of weeks ago. Since then the statistics have grown another one hundred and fifty percent.

TradingView as shown by THETA/USDT Binance: 

Theta cannot boast gains greater than Bitcoin. However, the data have increased three hundred and sixty percent in the past two months.

TradingView as shown by THETA/BTC

The token is an asset that users can apply to perform finance transactions throughout the platform and its network. This could remind of gas used on ETH.  The price seems to be five times as high. After the mid-March crash, it has gained three thousand percent.

TradingView as shown by TFUEL/USDT Binance:

Inevitable Launch of Mainnet 2.0

The upgrade that the team planned for the end of May. This will result in the suspension of trade for tokens for a short time. This may influence the momentum garnered by the company’s markets.

The launch is not far away. The representatives announced that the frequency of relay nodes has grown from one thousand to one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one in the past week. The team reported that there are twice as many transactions performed on-chain. A week ago the firm said that the team was working on smart contracts and trialing them on its testnet. 

Millions of Phones Owners Welcome Theta

Samsung’s equips its phones with services enabling streaming options developed by Theta. First, the recent innovation will reach customers located in the USA. The company does not mind embedding the platform’s brand name on the device’s interface. Owners of Note9 and Note10 devices will see what kind of change the new project brings to them. The company will apply the same to their other models - Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S9. All in all, specialists predict that this covers a population of over seventy-five million users.

Almost two weeks ago, the application announced it was ready to establish another partnership. The team desires to collaborate with Gumi Cryptos and become part of the Asian market, including Japan. More than that, at the beginning of May Theta finally offered its Android application for smart TVs.