The Token to Support Riots in the USA

Endy Callahan

What is now happening in the United States of America is known to the majority of people all around the globe. It seems that the post-pandemic crisis and the weak economy of the country is of much less importance to some citizens than the death of George Floyd. The nation keeps arranging meetings and protests to demonstrate their rage. What they wish the government to know is that they are not going to put up with this sort of treatment of the black population of the USA. The tragedy has become known to many other countries outside the USA and many nations overseas are ready to provide their support.

The government is doing all possible to put down the riots; however, this seems to be impossible to accomplish in the nearest future. A few days ago, President Donald Trump gave a speech and promised to improve the situation and resolve issues. Unfortunately, too few people believe that the authorities can change anything or that the police will treat black people in a better way. Protesters do too many illegal things – they put cars on fire and rob stores.

The scandal, on the other hand, has helped some individuals find new ways of making money and increasing their income. This time we can see how creative yet dishonest people dealing with cryptocurrencies have invented something that might look appealing to the rest of the crypto market’s participants.

The community is discussing the launch of the new token dedicated to the memory of George Floyd. Now, this invention is known as FLYD. The founders claim that they decided to offer the token as a tool that protesters can utilize to provide financial aid and assistance. This would help them keep on fighting injustice.

Basic Facts about the Newly Created Token

According to Etherscan, the mentioned token is stored on approximately two hundred and forty-two accounts. The overall emission of the token makes up to six hundred and twelve million FLYD. The developers of the project have established a website where they explain how people can utilize their token.

They say that their invention is a useful tool that can be used to provide financial aid and support protesters as well as all those who have suffered from injustice coming from the government as well as law enforcement.

FLYD is an ERC-20 token, which, according to the founders, people will receive through the airdrop service. It is hard to deny that misusing the memory and name of George Floyd is rather cynical and this what the entire crypto community agrees with. If the creators of the tokens are willing and ready to support protesters and enthusiasts, they could have done it in a more reasonable way.

They, for instance, would have built a decentralized platform to fund protests and they would have also thought of a more neutral name for their project. What they are doing now makes others believe that the only reason why they are doing it is to make as much money as possible and take full advantage of the situation.

The official ‘technical’ paper consists of one page only. It does not include any useful information about the token. Nevertheless, analysts have discovered plenty of controversies and misunderstandings in the document.

In the so-called ‘white’ countries they think that the mission of the whole project is to help protesters and support activists by offering them various channels. On the other hand, there is a statement where the developers mention that any individual will be able to utilize the token, including small businesses that are willing to diversify their payment instruments.

The Token to Support Riots in the USA