The truth behind the scandalous affair

Colin Baseman

New facts of the infamousByrne-Butina relationship that became the reason why the Overstock CEO resigned appear in the newest volume of the Senate's investigation.

On August 18, the Senate Committee on Intelligence publicized the fifth volume of its inquiry into Russia's intervention in the 2016 poll. The report revealed that the renowned cryptocurrency supporter Patrick Byrne did not approve of the plans of Maria Butina, the woman who is allegedly spying for Russia.

The affair between the Russian agent and Byrne affected the Bitcoin advocate’s resignation last year. It turns out that the man operated with American Intelligence. According to one correspondence fromPaul Erickson, cited in the statement, the CEO was an all-time bachelor who came to be infatuated with Maria and wished to have a common baby with her:

“Since he met her, he has created increasingly original ways to propose a permanent $1 million offer to her to 'have a kid'. Byrne is immensely fascinated by her imaginary genetic fund and is certain that their child will strengthen his bloodline, and the bond amid the two countries.”

The fresh report explores already mentioned facts of Byrne and Bugina's meeting at the conference and explains that BTC was a uniting factor:

“Maria did not inform the Committee of her concern with the man, stating that" somebody was mentioning BTC, and some innovative concepts were presented that she planned to research, without saying about Byrne.”

Nevertheless, it appears that the main target was not theOverstock CEO. The statement says: “The Commission estimates that Butina with Erickson  regarded Byrne,  firstly, as a trajectory for Senator Rand Paul - one more  political contender.”

The statement also carries on long-standing allegations that Russian intelligence used virtual currency to support fraudster websites and URS as part of its interference in the approaching US presidential poll 2016.

Resignation and Finale

Two former high-ranking FBI officials negate  Patrick Byrne's statement that the FBI engaged him before the  2016 poll to form a “romantic bond with  Butina,” aspy who was indicted for pursuing influence in prominent Republican circles targeting the administration of their country.

Byrne's remarks and his resignation took place after he delivered a press release previously alleging that he facilitated the FBI conduct "political surveillance."

“Making a public statement about my contribution to other subjects was hardly my initial choice,” the former Overstock CEO wrote in his letter. He said he plans to leave matters to the respected Ministry of justice and stay away for a while."

Earlier this year, advocate  William Barr directed  John Durham, Connecticut's chief Federal Prosecutor, to examine the methods of the intelligence community in the Russia investigation’s early days. It is unclear whether Byrne's statements were scrutinized by Durham.

Robert Driscoll, Butina’s attorney stated of Byrne's resignation: “I wish him all the best. I think Byrne raised issues that deserve investigation, which, as it turned out, put his career at risk.”

Beginning of the Story

The story began in July 2015 in Las Vegas at a libertarian forum, where the two intellectuals talk over Anton Chekhov, and Milton Friedman. Butina was an aspiring alumnus from Russia. Patrick Byrne was a founding philosopher and CEO of Overstock, a public online retail company that sells cut-price furniture and. The romance lasted three years.

TheRussian woman is currently serving 18 months in detention after Federal DAs indicted her for planning to gain access to influential US governmental circles at the command of the Russian supervision. Butina eventually pleaded guilty to a reduced charge.