Three Reasons for Being Intensively Bullish

David Kemp

Crypto market analysts keep researching and studying the latest events. Their mission is to find the correlation between the tendencies in the crypto industry and make efficient predictions that all participants could refer to while dealing with various cryptocurrencies or doing their daily transactions, selling, purchases, and trading on numerous crypto exchanges.

Lyn Alden is a prominent market strategist who seems to have gained plenty of experience in the crypto community. She is now ready to share her knowledge and opinions with thousands of users across the world and teach them what she has learned in the past few months.

Bitcoin is one of the digital assets that have always interested the woman. She has been doing research on it and has found out that there are three reasons that make her feel increasingly bullish nowadays. Her statement surprises participants. According to the strategist, she is being more bullish on the crypto and all this started half a year ago. More than that, she remains exceptionally optimistic and positive in one of her recent reports and statements.

Mass media outlets note that the strategist switched from being rather indifferent to relatively bullish on the crypto this year. Right after the fall to under three thousand six hundred USD four months ago, the woman stays optimistic on the top asset.

Alden also announces that she is trying to be objective and keeps studying and analyzing the trends and the entire situation in the industry. She is known as an investor in several other assets and claims she has found three reasons why she has changed her opinion about the crypto. The first reason is scarcity, according to the analyst. Next, she mentions the importance of the halving. Finally, she cannot ignore the potential of the asset – she believes that it acts as a good backdrop to inflation.

The Three Reasons in Detail

Traditional assets are different. The crypto supply is limited and fixed. We know that no more than twenty-one million BTC could exist. This is what makes the crypto deflationary. On the other hand, scarcity, as she says, gives value. There’s nothing that could alter the crypto’s monetary policy. If all remains, then the value will keep on moving upwards. Lyn admits that demand from the market support the asset and describes several other characteristics that influence it.

Second, the strategist mentions the event when the network had to undergo the third phase. Every four years the industry gets it by half and decreases the rate of its production when it reaches twenty-one million. The event cuts it by half. Price rallies then occur. It moved from eleven USD to six hundred and fifty USD and then twenty thousand USD. The asset has been performing very well in the past few years.

Finally, Lyn describes it as a significant backdrop to the inflation process. Many professionals praised the crypto and considered it as wonderful speculation. Alden notes that many hedge funds try to invest and experiment with the asset. More institutional investors get involved in the processes. Their activity is rising.

The optimism of such influential people makes the rest of the crypto market feel positive and strong. Participants expect the asset to keep developing and growing in the nearest future. People are willing to test and try the opportunities they gain from their involvement in the market.