TikTok Creates a New Paradigm of Crypto Trading

David Kemp

A short-term surge in trading activity may indicate a big trend in both digital currencies along with stock trading.

Within half a month following the boost of DOGE’s cost and trading volume after a quick fix to TikTok, the issue went viral, and the meme token hit headlines once more. Elon Musk's jokey tweet promptly upturned the descending trend that the token entered, as TikTok's rise started to weaken.

Whereas recent improvements may give the feeling that DOGE coin flourishes only transitory, quirky attention phases of the net, it must not blur the vital lessons of its prior growth in user activity.

Meme token

TikTok, a video-sharing application regarded as the instantly developing social network in history, is an ideal setting for generating and distributing audio-visual memes. TikTok problems are a viral message form, where data is distributed at immense rapidity, in a few days increasing user involvement.

The app user named jamezg97 started sharing videos encouraging other TikTokers to invest in Dogecoin. Yet this user's publication possibly sparked a subsequent buying wave. Now, over 1.1 million user views were registered.

As a mocking token stimulated by a meme and produced to reach a wider less geek public than the unshakable BTC, Dogecoin was perfectly matched to reverberate with the amusement app. One more marketing detail was the token’s low cost, which probably overshadowed the point that bringing it up to planned $1, would entail an upsurge in thousands of tokens.

The TikTok challenge led to a 140% price increase

Users of the app encourage each other to buy altcoin; these videos gain thousands of likes. The campaign reached such a scale that the developers of the coin responded to it.

The Doge crypto exchange rate has risen by 140% over the last days. In line with CoinMarketCap, from the commencement of the steep ascending movement from July 6 to the highest point on July 9, the coin’s price doubled. The price began to grow rapidly from the level of $0.0023. On July 8, it reached $0.0056. After that, the token fell in price and now costs $0.0042.The everyday trade volume boosted tenfold - to 1.1 billion dollars - from 110. Google's movement data displayed about the same increase in the number of Dogecoin-based search queries within the same period. Thus, the momentary influence of the TikTok promotion now declined.

The main reason for the rise in prices is probably the Dogecoin Tiktok Challenge, which has become widespread in the popular TikTok app. Users encourage each other to invest in the coin and hold the asset until its price rises to $1. If this happens, the growth of estimates from the current levels will be almost 24,000%.

For example, the user TikTok kindashortidiot offered to invest $25 in DOGE. According to him, this can bring $10,000, and such speculation does not require professional skills. During the day, the video received 45 thousand likes and 2.4 thousand comments.

"Everyone, listen to me. This is DOGE. If you don't know anything about financing, it doesn't matter. Invest $25 and earn about 10,000 coins. If the price gets to $1, you will earn $10,000. Just attempt it. Write down the price!", - said kindashortidiot.

The challenge reached such a scale that the Doge cryptocurrency developers reacted to it. In their Twitter account, they urged not to blindly trust someone else's advice, and not to be manipulated.

"Be aware of people's purposes when they tell you to purchase something. None of them can act as a financial adviser. Make your selection; do not give in to others’ influences and feelings of greed. Be smart, “the developers warned.

The reaction of the crypto ecosystem

Notwithstanding the motives that caused the entry of novel users, several market contributors did not take long to deploy the needed arrangement to place them. On 9 July, the OKEx crypto platform publicized the introduction of spot trading via borrowed funds, long-lasting swap agreements, whereas Binance released perpetual impending agreements.

CEO of OKEx Jay Hao clarified the choice to upsurge Dogecoin's token offerings by saying that even with its reputation as a meme currency; the coin is no joke since it is practical as a means of payment and has a reliable public.

Stock market peak

One influential columnist, Dave Portnoy remarked on the haste to DOGE. Blogger entered the stock in the inactive sports period because of the epidemic and attained a striking impact amid wholesale traders thanks to his entertaining but stormy live assemblies. In the latest video, he described the token rally as a "pump & dump."

To note, Portnoy's notion of how stocks’ effort could be in line with the powers behind the token's short-term growth, then his occasional "sparkling pink" discharge. A vast share of its entertaining appeal derives from its carefree approach to tradeoff. Portnoy represents the notion that stock valuations are unrelated to any perceptible monetary reality, making day trading look little, unlike sports wagering.

Zoomer style exchange

If even outdated stock markets have turned to a field for minor financiers to bet on mass manipulation of stocks as well as social networks, it is barely appalling for the crypto sphere - conventionally user-oriented, plus reactive to mass sentiment - to create an event like a Dogecoin TikTok pump.

Unlike special occasions, including excessive endorsements by tycoons, massive backing from many virtual operators can be collected methodically. The crypto space is more supple in seizing interim surges of online focus, as evidenced by the quick reaction to the DOGE boost.

Investments in creative labeling, generating a virtual community, with user-friendly interfaces can be an opportunity for the digital currency industry to get the most out of the lifeless earnestness in trade and attract both risk-takers and those looking for fun, convinced that token value is what the net accepts it is.