Titles That Platforms Can Hardly Handle

Colin Baseman

Blockchain games experience surge. Some wonder if the tech can find solutions during the pandemic. Self-isolation has become one of the main reasons why gaming platforms keep gaining popularity and their traffic has spiked. There has been an around 80 per cent rise in traffic. Streaming across the net has lately had a spike of over 20 per cent. This boost is easy to explain. However, blockchain titles aren’t less popular. For instance, Microsoft Azure reports incredible high levels of latency. In the past few weeks, gamers have been more active than ever before.

Increased Traffic on Most Platforms

Xbox isn’t the only source that has reported an increase in traffic. War Riders is another blockchain product that has noticed an almost 70 per cent increase in newly registered players. The time users spent online has also risen.

The same changes are happening with the game named The Sandbox – there, the number of people willing to test it has increased. The last day of March was the time when The Sandbox sold out its virtual land presale.

People use all those platforms to socialize and keep in touch with each other – that’s their way to relax and get rid of the stress they are experiencing due to COVID-19. Some of the titles that people are interested in include Somnium. They also love Decentraland and CryptoVoxels.

Cryptowars can boast a successful run. There’re plenty of fresh launches and versions users can enjoy while under quarantine.

Crisis Increases Interest in Blockchain Entertainment

Gaming may become an influential industry during the crisis. The planet is facing lots of issues now and people do not have too many options right now – all they can do is to make use of what is available. Play-to-earn are some of the most appealing gaming models that draw developers. Another fact is that blockchain fun focuses on the play-to-earn aspects. It attracts users since it allows them to earn cash and entertain themselves at the same time.

A whole range of games have benefited thanks to the ever-increasing community. People share their experience and reveal secrets that help them make money through gaming. Decentralization is another advantage that blockchain gaming provides.

The avenue provided by technologies is user-friendly and allows mass adoption. Its open source nature is decentralized and completely transparent, which makes it possible for the technology to contribute.

Decentralizations and Autonomy

Gamers need freedom – they require true ownership over their winnings. They also need autonomy dealing with their collectibles. That’s probably the reason why some blockchain games are becoming so popular among users. It’s hard to deny that online censorship is rather demanding. It is typical of centralized apps. Reprieve can be achieved through blockchain titles and at present developers look forward to mass adoption.

Mainstream users demand more entertainment. This is especially noticeable during the crisis. Blockchain networks complain about problems with capacity. Of course, another issue is scalability. Such things help platforms to manage and support massive volumes of data that are stored. Companies do feel the pressure and strain.

Strain Put on Cloud Platforms

Network capacity has declined on the platform belonging to Microsoft Azure. This was caused by a large number of quarantined users who put a strain on the company’s cloud platform.

Some regions are more demanding. Those are Brazil along with Western and Northern Europe and the UK.

Networks may have strained due to the number of people who use them at the moment. On the other hand, there are experts who disagree with this viewpoint. They claim that capacity is not the worst issue. There are more serious problems that blockchain gaming faces. It is very possible that the increased strain occurred due to users who spend time playing rather that issues related to blockchain itself.

Scalability issues that are now bothering on-chain infrastructure won’t let a good platform to appear and satisfy the demand and meet the requirements.

Mass Adoption during COVID-19

The pandemic and lockdown pushed users to earn extra cash – some strongly hope that the entire industry will open new opportunities. Mass adoption is possible. But blockchain games should first accomplish and achieve a minimum of gameplay requiring gamers’ skills.

It’s simple to manage, access, and then reward users through tokens. Gaming should be more collaborative. Experts say competitiveness is essential if companies strive to attract more modern gamers. Games that are based on blockchain technology may remind those video gamers enjoy – they’re built and shared across communities.

NTF-based products cannot be the only possible alternative. Blockchain can offer engaging interactive titles. Previously applied technologies and ideas can be used to create new options that would help companies produce games that customers will appreciate.