Token Transfer Competition between Communities

Colin Baseman

FortNite is the well-known and widely visited community that one can find on Reddit. The team has recently announced that it has managed to conduct much more transfers based on tokens and now their current point system belonging to the new group showed what the brand has achieved.

The results are stunning, indeed. The team as a whole has done and achieved much greater goals than analysts could have expected. In comparison to the CryptoCurrency’s community, the data shows the Reddit’s representatives have conducted a few times as many transfers. It is important to mention that only one percent of people who are subscribed to FortNite hold tokens.

A few weeks ago Reddit announced that the company was ready to launch its system based on points. The platform applies Ethereum, which allows more than fifteen thousand individuals to perform over eighteen thousand transfers in tokens. Almost eighty percent of those users give preference to the brand’s Brick tokens. For more details, people who are interested in the latest statistics can refer to the points tracker offered by the blockchain dapp.

Transaction statistics for r/FortNiteBR and r/CryptoCurrency. Taken from: Reddit

The two mentioned teams can boast almost the same number of subscribers. However, FortNite is getting steadily ahead and gaining more popularity among users. In the last few days, the community has demonstrated much more impressive support – more than seventy-five percent of token registrations came from their side.

The Overall Situation of the Community

The numbers may seem desperate. How willingly people are ready to adopt each of the competing parties illustrates their current situation. Some of the most popular posts from FortNite are able to receive more than four thousand upvotes. This, in turn, is around twenty times more than those received from CryptoCurrency’s participants.

Some of the most prominent experts suggest a relatively lower percentage of token users. Their number in the CryptoCurrency’s community is different and they’re likely to admit that they experience serious issues related to management. Analysts recommend users explore the state as well as conditions of the information found on Reddit. We see that the communities that feel strongly dedicated and supportive of blockchain approach and BTC need great incentives from their mods. It is clear the situation causes issues that seem too serious.

Lately, one of the Reddit’s users required to post in crypto since the token podcast coming from the MOON team was deleted. Users also notice the difference as a great indicator. What they think is that the token needs adding to the BTC’s community. According to the latest data, the community has over one million subscribers.

Further Development and Growth

Specialists wonder what kind of plans the two communities have and what sort of actions they are ready to take in the nearest future. Big plans may require greater dedication and patience as well as creative ideas and fresh projects. The current system is available, but it is accessible only for CryptoCurrency and FortNiteBR. Hopefully, it will also be available to other participants. The community admits that Reddit’s base is full of potential users. At the moment, there are more than four hundred and fifty million people. Tencent is also a popular points system. It has more than eight hundred million users per month. It means that the current conditions allow us to expect that there will be a connection between new users and cryptocurrencies. The only thing the plan depends on is how successful this test will turn.