TON Says Bye for a Reason

David Kemp

The company employed and consisted of some of the best and strongest specialists. They have been trying to build up an advanced platform with special characteristics and features. The platform was ready to present its crypto and the currency’s name was Gram. TON served as a tool that participants used to share principles of the other well-known platforms. Their main idea is to create a decentralized system. The difference between TON and others would be the former’s high scalability as well as outstanding speed.

The result was great and the offered technology allowed an exchange of ideas plus values – all this in a decentralized, free, and open manner. People could transfer their funds or store their assets and data using Telegram.

Nevertheless, the U.S. authorities did not permit the team to continue their project and bring it to reality. According to the representatives, what is currently happening does not make too much sense and it is hard (if possible at all) to understand the logic. Neither investors nor miners can explain the reasons why the platform is now going through so much trouble. The court thinks that people should not trade Grams like they trade BTC.

The authorities declared that Grams distribution is not a good idea across the USA as well as anywhere else in the world. Even if there are no objections from other countries, the U.S. court believes that TON must be restricted and banned.

Total Control and Global Supervision

The verdict means that people have no right to make decisions and test the platform. This kind of limitations might feel nonsensical and trying to understand them seems tough, indeed. Despite all this, the team has decided to quit. What is now happening is just another proof – technologies and financial aspects do depend on the United States. The country is powerful enough to supervise and control the native currency – dollar – as well as the world’s financial system. They can also close any of the existing banks and bank accounts and where in the world this is occurring would not matter.

The U.S. government controls Google and supervises Apple and allows or bans the use of various applications. As we can see, most countries cannot boast complete sovereignty over what they can permit in their territories. The decision-takers make up just four percent while we, ordinary people, make up the rest ninety-six percent of the planet’s population. Hopefully, the majority will find a way out to live the life they want. Unfortunately, nowadays there is not too much we can do about it and for now we follow the rules set by the centralized world.

The mass media announce that Telegram is no longer involved with the platform. We know that there are several sites that use the brand’s names willing to promote their projects. The team insists people should not trust them or their promises. The company has nothing to do with this kind of sites. Also, the team has no intention to have affiliations with any networks whose technologies base on their approach. Avoid being misled by such projects and initiatives and stay cautious at all times.

The creators of the platform have published the news about their plans and informed their fans about the brand’s further steps. The team wished the best of luck to people who seek equality on the planet, reasonable balance and complete decentralization. The battle has begun and the team believes that sooner or later they will succeed and reach their goals. The latest event has disappointed most of us, but it is not yet the right time to think that we have lost the fight.