TOP 10 crypto world news for October 2, 2020

Annabella Cornelly

Hospital in China Based on Blockchain

In China, there will soon be opened a hospital that is based on the World Wide Web. The institution, according to specialists will fully rely on blockchain technology. As specialists state, authorities intend to accomplish their plan in 2021 and open the hospital’s doors to the public in a few months. At the moment, operators are adding a whole range of innovations powered by blockchain.  Patients will be treated with a minimum personal contact.

Trading Will Continue Despite Allegations

Even though there are criminal charges, Bitmex’s representatives state that they will continue their usual work. As news agencies report, the DOJ has had at least one arrest, and yet this won’t prevent the group from further operations. One of the latest posts, Bitmex describes the issue and shares its opinion regarding it. Representatives who have been accused of lies assure that they have always done their best to comply with the country’s laws.  

Executive Pleads Guilty to a Fraud

Defrauding his client of more than three million USD has led a crypto executive to being pled guilty. According to the DoJ, that was a fraud scheme worth over three million USD – the crime was committed on Thursday. As news reports state, Volantis made false representations. As a result, the company was solicited for a huge sum of money. The executive transferred the funds to a third party without being given the top-ranked cryptocurrency and the assets were never recovered.

Social Tokens Will Soon Change the Market

As experts claim, there are several other new ways for influencers to monetize their attempts. From now on, creators will monetize their rewards they typically share with their followers. Social tokens are assets that are backed by the individual’s reputation. They are based on the ownership economy principle. This includes communities and brands. The crypto community is looking forward to the novelty and expects that it will open new opportunities to all users.

The Things That BTC Futures Volume Signals

It’s obvious that BTC futures volume is nowadays reduced. As many participants may expect, this will signal the beginning of a new bull trend. Open interest in the top-ranked cryptocurrency has also been in a steady decline. However, crypto enthusiasts state that this is what can help catalyze the following rally. The decline is rather rapid and recent data shows that the volume has fallen by sixty percent from twenty-five billion USD to ten billion USD.

Fiat Inflation Has Affected BTC Hodlers

Economists admit that fiat inflation has cost the majority of the top-ranked cryptocurrency hodlers around twenty percent over the last decade. The negative fact is that the increase in crypto’s price is overstated. All this might be explained by the accompanying fiat inflation. Another important point is that BTC is not immune to the U.S. dollar’s depreciation. Specialists confirm that the country has suffered twenty-percent inflation in the past ten years.

BTC Posts a Streak Above 10K USD

Recent data suggests that the top-ranked cryptocurrency seems to have posted a sixty-six-day consecutive streak that is now above the ten-thousand-USD price range. Professionals analyzing the issue say that the network has managed to achieve several new milestones within the past month. On the other hand, the price remained above the ten-thousand-USD range for over two months. Furthermore, the network has surpassed more than eighteen million BTC issued.

Diginex’s Representatives Start Trading

As many crypto holders already know, Diginex is a crypto exchange operator who has recently announced that the team is ready to start trading on NASDAQ. Executives have already completed a business transaction and this is what allows the platform to list and trade. Professionals state that the service will offer all investors the opportunity to take part in the development and adoption of digital assets.

Crypto Lender Leverages User Funds

Babel is reportedly leveraging funds so that to long the top-ranked cryptocurrency. It has already seen potential risks linked to default– the crypto market could have noticed it during Black Thursday and the crash that occurred in March. Around seven audio recordings first appeared online a week ago. Evidence proves that there was a negotiation between an unidentified person and the firm’s co-founder discussing business practices that are different from what the brand claims.

Venezuela’s Intention to Involve in DeFi

According to the local news agencies, Venezuela is willing to deal with DeFi through a stock exchange powered by Ethereum. Officials seem to be fully prepared to take the plunge into the DeFi space. Regulators have recently announced the launch of a pilot project. As many state, this may become the first DeFi stock exchange in the world. The video material informs that the newly created platform has been waiting for the pilot version to be launched.