TOP 10 crypto world news for September 20, 2020

Judy Rubio

Kava’s New Project on Blockchain

Recent news announces that Kava is planning to release a money market using the cross-chain approach on blockchain. More than that, the company intends to launch a governance token. Professionals point out that the DeFi platform will soon host a new project on Cosmos blockchain. Their mission is to capitalize on the sector’s opportunities. Representatives state that they wish to build an app that will let people lend and borrow digital assets.

Whales Won’t Sell while BTC Breaks 11K USD

The price of the top-ranked cryptocurrency has finally jumped above the eleven thousand USD border. At the same time, the entire crypto economy of over seven thousand coins has gained 2.29% and touched 344 billion USD in the past 24 hours.(BTC) markets have finally managed to cross the key levels as the crypto has seen close to four billion USD in global trade volume. Users state that the current region is a key zone to keep an eye on.

Ethereum Classic’s Partnerships Prevent Attacks

Representatives confirm that the company has established a partnership with OpenRelay and accepted ChainSafe’s offers that would allow the team to prevent more than fifty percent of attacks. It seems that the quest to protect the platform is going on. The team posted that their members are prepared to develop security responses and then test them. In tandem, the three partners will be able to find efficient solutions that will eliminate issues.

Ethereum Can’t Fix Scalability Issues with ETH 2.0

It is believed that ETH 2.0 is not efficient enough to solve the brand’s problems related to high gas fees. On average, a transaction fee on the platform costs 7.5 USD, which is three times that of the top-ranked cryptocurrency. These ludicrous fees, according to crypto market analysts, are not sustainable. Even though the currently applied fees are high, the space keeps on expanding. There’re alarming signals and the entire network needs several major changes.

DeFi News That May Sound Disappointing

Expert believe that there will be a move to twelve thousand one hundred USD and BTC does not seem to have too much chance of a dramatic dump. A large part of the top-ranked cryptocurrency has already been through tokenization. This move is necessary to gain access to the ETH’s network as well as DeFi protocols. Recent data proves that this makes around one hundred thousand BTC and over twelve percent of DeFi capitalization.

India Introduces Blockchain Infrastructure Scheme

Tamil Nadu is one of the Indian states that is planning to announce a plan linked to the blockchain infrastructure. No doubt, the advantages of the project will motivate various countries to adopt it in the nearest future. Authoritiesbelieve that the state will improve the quality of services the government provides to the public. The blockchain infrastructure will serve as a single source of truth for all processes and data. 

BTC News: Are Bulls Ready to Break It?

Recent statistics show that the top-ranked cryptocurrency is likely to tap a ‘do or die’ hurdle. Now leading crypto experts are willing to find out whether bulls might break it. In the past 24 hours, buyers have stepped up and tried to generate some buying pressure – their target is eleven thousand three hundred USD. More than that, all participants realize that a break above twelve thousand USD might catalyze a significant upswing,

47% of BTC Options Expire Next Week

Many specialists admit that the top-ranked cryptocurrency might be close to the verge of a new trend that will soon define the next move. Many users remind the market that 47% of BTC options are going to expire in the nearest six days. Statistics prove that the market is favorable. On the other hand, some analysts find it unusual to witness so much concentration of traders who are interested in short-term options. Risk-aversion, as experts state, is now at low levels.

Tesla Might Be Connected to BTC

As crypto market analysts note, the two giants may have a connection. The top-ranked cryptocurrency shares correlations and has links with various financial tools. Some of them are stocks as well as gold. Some of these correlations are general while many specialists point out that BTC appears to share a correlation with Tesla stock. Both the company and the crypto have gained popularity and strength during the last few months.

Alibaba’s Ownership of Crypto Patents

Blockchain patents seem to be skyrocketing this year. As reports state, Alibaba currently owns the greatest number of crypto patents. This is now the largest blockchain patent holder. In 2020, DLT as well as crypto solution patents have been of great interest to the market. IBM has been outpaced by Alibaba. Moreover, two years ago the number of blockchain patents was three times lower.