TOP 10 crypto world news for September 21, 2020

Colin Baseman

Kraken Crypto Bank: Principles of Work

In the past few days, the organization has finally received a banking charter. Executives were given a status from Wyoming’s authorities. Now crypto market analysts are trying to predict how the system will function and foresee its role. Many participants remember the times when exchanges based across the USA were struggling to be legal, and yet most of them crushed since the rules and law were too harsh and complicated.

Did the DAO Attach Teach Ethereum a Lesson?

As specialists state, Ethereum could have learned some certain lessons from the multi-million DAO attack. The DAO seemed to be quite progressive in its achievements and its projects sounded innovative. That was the main reason that made the Ethereum blockchain to enable some features. The smart contract along with blockchain could have been interlinked. All users still remember the attack that made the team reconsider their strategies.

Energy Company in Dakota for Mining Crypto

Equinor is a multinational firm that leverages natural gas flaring and, as a result, powers BTC mining operations. In the past few years, the scheme to mine the top-ranked cryptocurrency has gained popularity across the globe. From now on, the company is a part of the crypto economy partnering with another giant to mine BTC. Moreover, the collaboration with Crusoe from Dakota will help reduce flaring from oil operations through mining.

Forty BTC Forks Seem to Be Down

In the past three years, more than forty-four forks of the BTC network were introduced and up till now the majority of them haven’t managed to keep considerable value – they are now near worthless. Since 2017, just several forks have remained relevant. Professionals mention three branches and those are BSV, BCH, and BTC that have been considered to be the leading contenders for a long time. According to statistics, only their data is worth calculating.

BTC Miners Cannot Prevent the Bull Run

As news agencies state, BTC miners who are now collecting profits are unlikely to stop the following bull run. Participants decided to sell significant amounts of the top-ranked cryptocurrency during the last two months. However, analysts think that this cannot prevent the next bull run. Some miners started selling their assets six weeks ago. This created selling pressure across the market. Four weeks ago, the crypto fell 13 % and is now trying to retake the previous mark.

BTC Maximalism Accepted by MicroStrategy CEO

It took over seven years for a great skeptic to turn into a maximalist. The brand has finally made a decision to employ the top-ranked cryptocurrency – the team’s leaders favor this asset over the majority of altcoins. MicroStrategyannounced that Saylor wishes the consider BTC. He admits the coin’s dominance and points out how it has advanced in the past few months. Crypto-asset networks are his major interest at present.

Data Protection Provided by Xage Security

US space force is going to accept the most innovative blockchain approaches and let the industry enter the sector it has never gone before. Authorities have chosen Xage Security to develop special security systems to protect data. It is known that the firm will use the solution and thanks to the unified platform it will be possible to secure all systems as well as remove single points of entry – this will prevent hacker attacks.

New Crypto Rules in the Nearest Four Years

The European Community is planning to pass new crypto rules before 2024. Professionals expect that there will also be fifty-five billion EUR in added value by that time. Regulators will make cross-border payments faster and more affordable – all this will be achieved through cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Moreover, experts state that this will increase added value in the sector by up to fifty-five billion EUR.

Predicting Prices: Three Major Cryptocurrencies

BTC rose above eleven thousand USD two days ago and lost its momentum after it gained another 200 USD. Now the pair is losing two percent daily. Ripple rose and achieved 0.2550 USD last weekend and closed the day almost unchanged. Ripple is up over three percent weekly. Ethereum fluctuated first and then faced strong selling pressure yesterday. The pair is likely to be up modestly for the