TOP 9 crypto world news for October 1, 2020

David Kemp

New Participants Prove a Bullish BTC Spike

Spikes in new participants who are willing to purchase the top-ranked cryptocurrency is definitely bullish and this is what all crypto market analysts agree on. Another factor many pay attention to is that the BTC’s price has been relatively flat for the past few weeks. Nevertheless, the latest statistics show a bullish spike in new traders who find it necessary to join the network. People note that the decline in altcoin was rather strong which worsened the situation.

Expert Paying Rent by BTC Mining

MyEtherWallet’s founder drew everybody’s attention by his statement that it is possible to pay for rent by mining the top-ranked cryptocurrency. As a matter of fact, rigs created for mining crypto give off quite a lot of heat and this is what helps people make full use of their activity. Coins are simply converted into cash and that’s the way users can facilitate the actual transaction. Nowadays mining requires more advanced equipment than it used to years ago.

Esports Firm in Japan Pays in XRP

Players who are passionate about esports have a great proposal from the company in Japan supporting the business. From now on, all fans will be paid in XRP. As executives state, this step will surely help them boost up mainstream adoption. However, some feel doubtful claiming that this is just a publicity stunt. Officials announced that salaries will be delivered through crypto in place of fiat. It may strengthen the firm’s presence in the market.

Cardano Cost Issues Force to Ditch ETH

Singularity NET is now experiencing some trouble and has set to ditch ETH. This will be done simply for Cardano citing speed. Also, analysts state that cost issues have also affected the matter. AGI native token will swap from ERC20 and will now be introduced via Cardano. The discussion is serious enough and a migration from ETH to Cardano is one of the company’s priorities nowadays. Costs and speed have been negatively affected by demand from DeFi services.

Crypto Bets Show Who Will Win

Recent data shows that crypto bets on the U.S. election prove that Joe Biden is very likely to win the presidency. According to statistics, the candidate is doing it by sixty percent at the moment. Portals supporting betting allow individuals to wager their crypto assets on the approaching U.S. election. Cloudbet is one of the betting markets that demonstrate Biden’s chances of being elected since this candidate is favored by over sixty percent over Trump.

Network’s Economics Improves Due to Block Reward Percentage

Dash is the service that has finally decided to make an important step in order to improve the economics of the firm’s network. Executives intend to achieve their major goal by adjusting the block reward percentage. This has become one of the most recent upgrades of the protocol. As specialists report, the latest update can improve the entire ecosystem and this includes more than one way. Interface enhancements and anonymity are some of the changes.

News from Dfinity Related to Top 5 Tokens

Official representatives of Dfinity reported that the firm’s final milestone is released. Next, the team is planning to publicly launch the network in the nearest future. Sodium release represents a version of their project that is considered to be ‘complete’ and its features are ready to be employed. Executives are willingly disclosing details about their system related to governance (NNS). The system will utilize a token named ICP and will facilitate operations.

Ten Million USD Raised by Wootrade

Professionals are now researching the latest trends and moves and one of the events that make a huge difference is the fact that Wiitrade has managed to raise ten million USD in an investment round. The trading platform will use the funds to expand its teams. Also, executives intend to launch leveraged trading products. What the service is planning to do is aimed at various institutions. Participants have already started testing the beta version.

Apolitical Stance of Coinbase Appeals to Dorsey

Dorsey referred to Coinbase – his major mission is to slow down political enthusiasm. He admits that all those who think in a different way should consider leaving the company. All parties have the opportunity to familiarize with the open letter. As we see, the document explains why the company wishes to refrain from social distractions. This includes political issues as well. Their team’s key role is to build a financial system that would be globally open.