Top Five Cryptos to Keep Track Of Today

Annabella Cornelly

Every week brings important news and the crypto market is always prepared to present it to all participants. Our approach is simple and quite efficient – the material that we display can help stay tuned and well-informed every single day of the week. Observing reviews and reading articles telling you more about the top cryptocurrencies is a great way to be successful if you are a trader or a seller.

This week the crypto industry should pay attention to the main trends to see whether strategic changes should be made or the things you’ve been practicing so far is what you need at the moment.

As analysts say, the upcoming events are likely to surprise the market with its move expected within several days. What the crypto does this week will remain stable for quite a long time. Some might feel interested in capturing the events since the trends promise to be big. Traders think that recent investment in this currency shows that people feel concerned about possible inflation.

 Whenever we witness this sort of environment, we watch BTC benefit from it. Moreover, the U.S. authorities are ready to establish a fund and allow public trade of BTC. No doubt, this will look appealing to many participants.

Daily view taken from Coin 360


The crypto might be experiencing a fight between the two strong competitors. The bulls are trying to dominate while the bears won’t let their positions, either. The former are trying to increase the price over the resistance of ten thousand and ten thousand five hundred USD. Then an up move may occur. At the same time, the former are doing all possible to create a top while being around ten thousand dollars.

Daily chart. Taken from TradingView

The crypto pair was predicted by many to have turned down and take a different direction from the level of ten thousand USD which was critical last week. The following move will happen after a breakout. It needs to leave either of these two levels before it starts a new move.


We see the crypto has been recently trading and its channel was ascending. Last week the crypto fell below, which traders see as a massive negative aspect. The red candle indicates that bears were dominating.

Daily chart. Taken from TradingView

The breakdown made the crypto slip under 2.75 USD. In case the price goes below the figures we saw four days ago, traders will witness another downtrend. Also, the bulls, according to experts, may reverse their current direction. The price will then move back up above the line.


The crypto fell and is now situated below the support line. Despite its negativity, the bears never managed to make use of this trend.

Daily chart. Taken from TradingView

The bulls have been making the crypto stay inside the channel. The bears won’t let the bulls rule. They’re trying to initiate a stall for recovery, which will trigger another downtrend. A drop in price is possible. That would require some down move effect from the price.


This crypto is now seeing a pullback occurring in an uptrend. The intermediate seems to be high, but the short-term has become negative.

Daily chart. Taken from TradingView

The situation is quite healthy. The pullback helped recover after the massive levels of overbying. It’s surprising how the bulls are trying to keep their positions and support the level. If support sustains above a certain level, traders will witness a retest. We may expect to see the recovery of an uptrend, too.


The current level is described by some as ‘critical’. The intermediate is said to be up and the altcoin’s position and figures make a huge different and impact on further trend. Right now, the upside trend is losing its power.

Daily chart. Taken from TradingView

We see some weakening in the rebound. There is one more negative sign and that would be the bulls fighting not to let the price leave the channel. It guarantees selling that rallies may bring. The bulls may receive a buying chance in case the price remains above the downtrend line.