Top of mobile applications for traders and investors

Colin Baseman

Many novice investors get tired quickly: they try to cover huge expert reviews, always be aware of stock quotes and trends. Today it has become not necessary. Due to mobile applications, all key information is available on the smartphone. We will get acquainted with the most popular and effective programs.

TradingView. The Main Assistant of the Trader

TradingView will become an indispensable tool for traders and investors. The service provides an almost limitless list of assets - commodities, stocks, cryptographic currencies and much more. The application provides ease of use of charts. Many people like to use it to conduct technical analysis.

Many users like to exchange thoughts on trading with other visitors to the resource. The official website offers a news feed, a tester of trading strategies, statistics on issuers, etc. The service is top-notch and every serious investor knows about it.

Robinhood Mobile App

The program is included in the reviews of almost all applications for traders and investors. It’s really worth it! Brokers exist at the expense of commissions paid by their clients for entering and exiting a transaction. Robinhood platform is free. It allows you to trade stock funds and individual securities without spending a cent on commissions. The company’s income is generated due to the interest accumulated on user accounts.

The service provides customers with the opportunity to develop lists of securities that are of particular interest to them. In online modes, relevant information will be provided on them. The user interface of the application is convenient and simple. Even a beginner will figure it out. On Robinhood App page, you can read more about this program.

Betterment Mobile App

The program is a gold nugget for those who just want to establish the terms of trading and monitor the results. In fact, the application is an independent robotic consultant, it makes money investments through special algorithms. The system selects the best securities and tools for users. 

The company surveyed more than 30 thousand transactionsIn 88% of cases, the portfolios showed better results compared to those managed by professional traders. The service offers users minimal fees - 0.15..0.35%. The specific value depends on the size of the investment. Moreover, the amount of investment can be even 1 dollar.

Other convenient applications for trading and investing are:

About each of them, we have prepared a detailed article. Programs for mobile devices greatly simplify the lives of traders and investors. They are simple and functional. All data for trading can be found on your mobile device! Why not download some applications and try them out!