Total Grants Brought More Than 500K USD

Judy Rubio

Mass media reports have recently announced that OKCoin developer grants have brought a total of more than five hundred thousand USD. At the same time, we should emphasize that the latest grant seems to be going to the top-ranked crypto’s most active contributor in the past three years.

Crypto market analysts announce that the famous exchange platform has kept on supporting the cryptocurrency Core developing team. They granted their fourth award to BTC for being the most active and influential contributor in the past three years.

Participants believe that this grant will bring the total amount given as part of the brand’s grant to more than five hundred thousand USD. OKCoin’s official representatives hope that funding and supporting open-source development of the crypto’s network is of utmost importance to the prosperity and growth of the entire ecosystem that the crypto space is in.

Officials say that supporting the team’s work and effort while strengthening the testing framework as well as taking care of the responsibilities as a maintainer is an essential step toward successful development. News outlets state that the grant will permit developers to concentrate on modularizing the network’s code.

This, in turn, will ensure that it is well-segmented and allow the team to determine the goals. All members are good at supporting certain elements of the code. This is what helps to determine the responsibilities. Representatives add that what the team is creating will greatly benefit customers.

Dramatic Change and Development

The modularization of the code guarantees plenty of user benefits. Customers can turn modules off and this means they can run the system with resources that are less computational. Executives will take part in the process and will consider additional contributions. They believe that all parties meet the community’s requirements.

At the same time, the group is ready to provide support for new contributors and give them the freedom to make the change. Education is an essential aspect and representatives will involve new volunteers in the project. They will teach them how the consensus model functions and operates. All the achievements will strengthen the community and open up more opportunities in the future. Support should be passed on from team to team, according to the officials.

Before the team received the grant, officials were focused on their partnership with Chaincode Labs. This firm regards the grant as a useful instrument for more productive and efficient collaboration. There are plenty of plans and ambitions that the team is ready to share with the rest of the crypto industry. One of their priorities is to finally switch the code to C++17.

As reports state, this approach will help them get rid of a number of identified bugs, and thanks to the grant their plan will soon become reality. Analysts say that the previous recipients of the grant included BTCPay which cost one hundred thousand USD and two individual contributors that required one hundred and fifty thousand USD.

The team used the granted funds to support the latest developments inuser experience for BTCPay Server. Additionally, they concentrated onimprovements to the UTXO set. Finally, the brand made a lot of effort to improve thefunctional test framework.