Tron 4.0’s Presentation Date Has Been Revealed

Endy Callahan

Justin Sun, head of the Tron Foundation, publicized the presentation day of the foremost network called Tron 4.0. The most important update will come about on 7 July.

It was announced officially that after approximately 12 months under improvement, on 7 July, Privacy Protocol Smart Contract of TRONZ would eventually be commenced as an essential component of Protocol #TRON 4.0.

A masterpiece of the blockchain world

The originator of the Foundation is positive about the event; he wrote that the introduction would highlight a decisive instant for the advancement and the past of TRON digital ledger.

The key novelty will be sequestered smart-type contracts based on the technology of zK-SNARKS. It permits users to conduct transactions with no revealing of private information. The company's blog states that Tron is going to be the foremost digital ledger with the integration of such smart contracts.

A post clearing up the main features of the future update was also issued on the Medium platform. The head of Tron provided details about the main network update, which comprises important characteristics. Furthermore, the update will present several significant modifications and novel features:

  • TICP Cross-chain Protocol, that allows different digital ledgers of the Tron system to interact with each other;
  • Hybrid TPOS consensus appliance that is going to lessen the period of block validation from as much as 57 seconds to 3 seconds.

First, the advancement of the main network will add a privacy Protocol to digital ledger Tron, which is maintained by the VM. It is reported that it is the most operational and safest confidentiality Protocol now.

Second,TRON 4.0 presents a modernization to the PoS type appliance, as well as takes advantage of the consensus mechanisms called PBFT with DPoS.

Third, a novel interaction Protocol will be applied in the Tron digital ledger itself (TICP). The renovation will allow developers to interact with three unrestricted blockchains, thus providing cross-chain interaction.

Finally, the update will implement a corporate blockchain-based solution that will allow companies to effectively implement a specialized digital ledger network to meet their requirements.

Since the smart contract for confidentiality is ready for presentation, the development team assured that this type of agreement meets all international legal criteria.

Innovative solutions aimed at monetary establishments and corporations

In the company’s blog, the establishment clarified separately that the implementation of smart contracts based onzK-SNARKS will not turn TRX operations to secret ones. The team also made sure that the update did not give the network anonymity in any means, and the update will not affect the confidentiality of the internal Tron coin. Hence, the renovation will not complement any discretion features to the system.

“Tron is constantly working to create a reliable public network that meets all global regulatory requirements. In this regard, the Tron 4.0 update will not make TRX anonymous, nor will it add new privacy features,” the company representatives said in a statement.

Research: Tron, Nervos and Polkadot

Cryptocurrencies Tron, Polkadot and Nervos can be recognized as securities in the United States. This conclusion was made by the cryptanalytic organization Crypto Rating Council. This news source is The Block with reference to previously unpublished preliminary analysis of three projects.

In the CRC cryptocurrency rating of April 16, the three projects received 4.75 points each. This means that cryptocurrencies are likely to fall under the definition of securities in the US.

The representative of the CRC noted that the analysis of the three above-mentioned cryptocurrencies is preliminary. As projects develop, the assessment may change.

Tron 4.0 has already made Justin Sun the main person involved in a notorious scandal. The head of the company arranged a poll, offering subscribers to select amid ETH 2.0 and Tron 4.0. Consequently, 72% of users voted for Ethereum, after which Tron suddenly came out on top with 60% of the votes. Because of that, subscribers accused Sun of cheating via bots.