Trump Declared "ANTIFA" Terrorist due to Riots in the USA

Colin Baseman

The American President accused the radicalization of "racial" protest activities on radical participants and sympathizers of the anti-fascist movement.

After a sequence of nationwide demonstrations in the US against police brutality, some of which turned into riots and looting, Head of State said that the authorities will declare the anti-fascist the left-wing movement "ANTIFA" a terrorist organization. This is reported by UNN with reference to DW.

"The US will identify ANTIFA organization as a terrorist group," he wrote on Twitter.

According to him, uprisings in Minneapolis, following the black man’s death while being detained by police began skirmishes, shop robberies, arson of cars, and further destruction of private property, arranged under the instigation of ANTIFA visitors from other regions.

"Crossing state lines to commit violence, is considered a federal crime. Liberal authorities must start acting tougher, or the administration will come forward and do things that need to be done, including the unlimited force used by the local military and numerous arrests. Law and order!", - said the President, thanking the state Guard.

ANTIFA movement may be recognized as terrorists because of the unrest within the country

Trump's statement came amid mass protests and riots in the region caused by the black citizen George Floyd, the fatal death of an African-American man, after being violently detained by a military representative reported to be white. Head of state and other US officials believe that left-wing radicals from the ANTIFA association are involved in violence, looting, and vandalism, some of which are recorded throughout the country in the course of the demonstrations.

Thus, US Attorney General William Barr reported earlier that nonviolent participants in the protests took advantage of "violent radical elements.”

"It's time to cease observing the forcefulness, meet it, and halt it. The violence initiated as well as performed by the ANTIFA movement and further similar groups is national terrorism and will receive an appropriate response, “said the US Attorney General.

Despite mass protests, Donald Trump is not yet going to comprise the National Guard forces at the Federal level. Robert O’Brien, the US President’s domestic security counselor, announced this at the weekend. Currently, NG forces are partaking in guaranteeing order throughout the riots in 12 States.

Recall that on 25 May in Minneapolis, a citizen named George Floyd, 46-year-old African-American passed away after being detained by a military force. The protest actions began after a video of the man's detention was published online.

The video shows that while the victim was lying on the ground, the policeman was pinning him with their knees. One of the police officers placed his knee on George's neck, and then he loudly and repeatedly was telling the police officers that he could not breathe. However, the police officer did not stop pinning the person to the ground until the victim fell silent, and lost consciousness. George Floyd later passed away in the hospital.

Subsequently, 4 members of police staff were dismissed from the police facility. The leading suspect has been detained and indicted with negligent homicide. At the same time, investigations are continuing for three other individuals.

Despite the rapid reaction of the authorities, mass protests gradually spread to dozens of American States. The demonstrations are accompanied by riots and clashes with the police force, who are obliged to use tear gas along with rubber bullets. Some protesters set fire to vehicles, looting stores, and offices. Several reports have up to now been recorded of injuries from both protesters and police.

Authorities in several American cities have imposed a restriction. To suppress illegal movements and guarantee order for the duration of the riots on the streets, the National Guards have been located on the city roads in a number of States.