Twitter Attacker Pleads Not Guilty

Colin Baseman

On August 4, all local mass media outlets announced that the Circuit Court located in Hillsborough arranged a court hearing during which the Twitter hack was pleaded not guilty.

The resident of Tampa who was accused of leading the hacking attack of a few Twitter accounts belonging to celebrities. The teenager is a seventeen-year-old resident of Florida. According to the latest news report, Graham Ivan Clark was pleaded not guilty yesterday. The Circuit Court where the procedure took place is located in Hillsborough.

Officials refer the public to thereport made by Tampa Bay Times that indicated that prosecutors have pressed thirty charges against the hacker. All in all, the crimes he had committed were equal to imprisonment lasting for two hundred years. News outlets have received a series of documents that accused Clark of seventeen cases of communications fraud. Also, the judge mentioned eleven counts of illegal use of personal information.

There was one case of organized fraud of more than five thousand USD and one instance of illegally gaining access to an electronic device or computer. At the moment, the criminal is in prison on a seven hundred and twenty-five thousand USD bail. His bail hearing is scheduled for Wednesday. By the time, his attorneys are likely to argue for a significant reduction in the bail amount.

The attacking group involved at least three individuals. The other two persons are twenty-two-year-old and nineteen-year-old residents of Orlando and the United Kingdom. The mentioned individuals performed the attack last month and managed to gain access to approximately one hundred and thirty Twitter accounts.

All of those accounts belonged to famous people and corporations. The list of victims includes Barack Obama, Apple, Elon Musk, and many others. Clark along with the other two criminals used the accounts to publish messages asking the community to transfer cryptocurrency to the indicated e-wallets and promised to return twice as much as they received. They could deceive several users and defrauded approximately one hundred and seventeen thousand USD.

Hackers Are Detected and Arrested

The hack attack lasted for three hours and the group could have collected even more money. Sheppard as well as Fazeli have to face similar charges. Their trials will be held in the federal court of California. Fazeli, according to the documents, may face up to five years in jail.

Additionally, the court will oblige the criminal to pay a fine of two hundred and fifty thousand USD. Sheppard is likely to face forty-five years in prison and a fine of about seven hundred and fifty thousand USD. Professionals also reveal how the investigators received the information that led to the arrests of the mentioned three hackers. Official representatives found that the scheme for the attack started with a Discord user.

The man claimed that he was an employee working for Twitter. He promised the hacking group he would gain access first and then take control of the accounts in return for cryptocurrency. The offer was later on posted on a platform popular among hackers. Police officers saw that the information was hacked four months ago and was posted on the internet.

They skimmed through the details and the investigators traced the accounts of the two hackers. Besides, police identified transactions made by them over a crypto exchange. The next step they took was to receive the photos of an ID document of both attackers and posted as a KYC document on the platform. Finally, investigators moved further and arrested the group.