Users of Bitcoin Suisse are Now Able to Trade Valuable Metals Against BTC or ETH

Judy Rubio

The Bitcoin Suisse company has launched 24-hour-a-day trade of cryptocurrency and top fiat money along with valuable metals on their platform.

On the 26th of May, the Swiss enterprise dealing with financial services on cryptocurrency has added trading of bullion against major cryptocurrencies.

The company introduced platinum, gold, and silver to be traded using their platform, allowing clients to trade bullion against not only leading fiat currencies but also Ether/Bitcoin.

All 3 asset types to be traded any time

Bitcoin Suisse has stressed that fiat money, valuable metals, and cryptocurrency can be traded 24 hours a day with prompt cash payments. This news appeared not long after the company introduced round-the-clock trade of fiat money on the 29th of April. 

As the announcement says, the 3 valuable metals are now accessible for being traded between 5 fiat options. The latter include USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, DKK.

Bitcoin Suisse reports that all the valuable metals used on their platform are kept by a reliable bank partner, with purchases being entirely supported by the company's banking guarantee.

Bitcoin cannot yet be a counterpart of gol

The new function is designed to be suitable for all kinds of traders since the bullion offering is open to any level of user demand. The floor amount for a purchase is 100CHF (or 103 dollars), with no storage fee being charged for amounts less than 100,000 Swiss francs (or 102,889 dollars).

One of the heads at Bitcoin Suisse Stefan Lütolf mentioned the new function appeared as a response to the rising demand for highly scarce assets. Bitcoin Suisse aimed to ensure the widest choice for their customers. Stating Bitcoin couldn't be a counterpart of gold yet, Stefan reported that his company went for the first time beyond the bounds of cryptocurrency.

The top precious assets are now becoming increasingly associated with cryptocurrency such as BTC.

It is noteworthy that on the 7th of April, the peer-to-peer crypto market Paxful presented support for BTC–gold trade. There are cryptocurrency exchanges allowing for the trade of gold-backed stable PAXG or XAUT against crypto such as BTC or fiat money.