Ver Meets Wright in the Same Jurisdiction

David Kemp

Mass media outlets have recently announced that Craig Wright is going to file another libel suit. This time it papers are filed against Roger Ver. As many participants still remember, a year ago there was a fail, and yet the two men are now eventually again meeting each other in the same jurisdiction.

Wright is known to have proclaimed himself a producer of the top-ranked cryptocurrency. This month he is planning to continue to file several additional defamation suits against the so-called ‘perceived’ rivals. Analysts keeping an eye on the process mention that none of his previous attempts turned out to be successful enough.

A week ago, Wright decided it was time for him to file a libel lawsuit against Roger Ver – the man who is considered one of the major industry figures. The process is going to take place in Antigua and Barbuda – this is the location of the High Court where the procedure will begin soon. Journalists who have managed to find out more details about the official defamation claim state that Wright is willing to initiate legal action against his opponent for publicly announcing that the former is not the true creator of the top-ranked cryptocurrency.

Thousands of crypto enthusiasts believe in the anonymous creator and the person whose idea was to offer the world such a brilliant way to trade, sell, and invest was Satoshi Nakamoto. At the same time, the court papers refer to Ver and his video report where the author addresses Wright. The video message was posted last year where Ver says that Wright is merely lying. What he is doing can be considered a fraud. He also added that he doesn’t mind Wright suing him again for telling the world the truth.

How Far Will the Opponents Go?

The press announces that the document will forbid Ver to use defamatory allegations. This applies to all kinds of social platforms, including Twitter as well as YouTube. On top, the man will have to make up for the damage he brought to the reputation.

As many information sources report, Wright once filed Ver with a libel lawsuit in other countries, including England and Wales. That was done for accusing him of lying. The opponent suspected him of practicing fraud, too. As proof, there was a video published on YouTube last year. Of course, the administration of the popular platform warned the owner about the violation of the community’s guidelines. This was the major reason why Wright filed a lawsuit last May.

Even though the record was removed from the platform, Ver’s statement is still available and people can familiarize with it on the man’s official account on Twitter. After some time, Wright’s lawsuit was dismissed by the commission due to a number of questions related to jurisdiction. Judges also decided to drop his appeal and claimed that the lawsuit was an issue that cannot relate to the U.K. a few months ago.

Actually, specialists state that defamatory lawsuits of this kind might eventually gain more chances in a sense of jurisdiction. Documents indicate that both opponents have the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda. Wright is said to have Australian citizenship as well. He oftentimes resides in London. Nevertheless, the scientist says he is a resident of Antigua and Barbuda and has no Australian citizenship.