Virus Ignored: Roger Ver Keeps Calm and Collected

Colin Baseman

Some seem to be absolutely unconcerned about the health issues bothering the planet. Roger Ver is one of such people. The former CEO of is more than sure that there is an obvious disproportion in how the world’s population reacts to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. 

Ver, as an active Tweeter user, displayed a screenshot illustrating statistics of various illnesses and then compares the number of deaths with those caused by COVID-19. The list included traffic deaths, malaria, and seasonal flu recorded in the last three months.

Ver also noticed that those who are obsessed with the idea of catching the virus should stay home and leave the rest of the world live their regular lives. According to Roger Ver, self-isolation is of not too much help anyways.

The source of the mentioned statistics was not disclosed. However, what we see in the screenshot proves that the number of deaths caused by traffic, malaria, suicides and others is 10 times as high as that caused by the coronavirus. For instance, during the same period the number of traffic fatalities reaches almost 314,000 while COVID-19 took away lives of slightly more than 21,000 people.

The screenshot introduces plenty of statistics on HIV/AIDS, which appears to be the most deadly disease. During the 3 months’ period this lethal health issue killed around 391,000 victims.

By the end of March COVID-19 brought death to 34,000 people across the globe. Recently, the trend has been boosting its speed. As a result, one third of the entire population was put under quarantine. This state-enforced lockdown came into power a couple of weeks ago. While under quarantine, governments are trying to fight the virus and prevent it from transmitting from area to area. This measure may be quite effective in reducing the number of people diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Whether this sort of measures should be implemented or not is still under consideration. As we know, they can affect both the economic and political situation of every country.

According to the WHO representatives and most scientists, some measures are definitely helpful in solving the problem. Their recommendations include testing, quarantine, distancing as well as minimal contacts with other individuals, and hygiene. All of these steps prevent and reduce the risk of COVID-19.

It is reported that testing is rather inadequate at present – mild cases are not always admitted, which makes it impossible to find out the real data on the number of people suffering from the virus.

Newspapers mention cases where people are diagnosed with coronavirus upon their death. Experts claim that mortality rates may sometimes be under-represented for political purposes. Unfortunately, it is not always clear how many severe patients we have and how many of them are likely to die in the near few days.

Roger Ver is criticized for being too categorical in his opinion and approach. Nevertheless, there are those who support him and think that what Ver says is true and that it is a common practice for governments to manipulate people and display wrong statistics. This is what John McAfee believes hence he asks people to “wake up” and face the reality.

Fortunately, the world’s leaders are trying to save their countries and apply all possible measures to save people. Combating the pandemic might last longer than expected if we give up before we do all possible to stop the virus from spreading. Ripple Labs, Binance Charity and other organizations have done a lot yet not all to make the virus stop attacking us. Following recommendations, helping each other and taking care of ourselves are just some of the things people should do at the moment to fight