Virus Models: How Grim Are They in the USA?

Judy Rubio

Virus models look horrible in every part of the globe. They are especially terrifying in the USA. The most prominent government professionals, including top scientists, estimated that the deadly virus could take away lives of more than 230,000 citizens. Despite all the measure that professionals apply, the number of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 is steadily increasing. There are more and more severe cases revealed every day. Interactions as well as movements have been drastically restricted. However, this does not seem to be of too much help.

Infectious disease experts keep coordinating and observing the coronavirus response. Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, one of the leading experts in this area, explained all the risks and dangers. He reported on the situation and presented it at a White House conference. The news was instantly brought to public. He admitted that doctors and hospitals are doing all possible to help people to cope with the situation, but more effort is needed to stop the virus from spreading across the country. The number of saved lives is not that high and there are too many hospitals at present that do not have sufficient amounts of equipment to help their patients.

President Trump believes that another few weeks of social distancing is one of the most essential measures for all people. He says that the nearest two weeks will be extremely ‘painful’ for the nation. Trump tried to make people believe that this health issue can and will be solved – nevertheless, more patience and understanding is necessary.

Donald Trump hopes that the coronavirus will not be the reason for people to give up. The days are hard, but if people follow recommendations, the number of victims suffering from this disease will start declining.

Doctors Are No Gods – Support Is Needed

Scientists are trying to invent a cure. Despite all the effort professionals make, the virus does not seem to give up either. In the past few weeks the number of diagnosed individuals has been rising at a tremendous speed. Also, the number of deaths is much higher than expected. Unfortunately, there is no special treatment doctors can offer in order to help their patients. Health researchers keep cooperating with each other looking for new solutions yet we still have hundreds of new victims every day. A lot depends on people themselves. They should follow the basic rules and never ignore recommendations. Keeping safe distance is one of such measures. Self-isolation is also highly effective. Cleaning surfaces and wearing masks are another two ways to protect yourself from COVID-19. New York hospitals are stuffed with patients and most doctors complain about the lack of equipment. They need more medical staff as well as tools such as ventilators for those who cannot breathe on their own.

Doctors work extra hours and have no time to recover. They need more nurses to assist them with the infected. State hospitals as well as other medical facilities have hard times finding available spaces for infected individuals. Doctors admit patients of all ages and status. The situation is truly terrifying since in the most crowded hospitals doctors do not have sufficient amounts of masks to protect themselves. They get infected and, at the same time, spread the virus after leaving their workplace.

What Else Should Be Done

All the measures taken in the USA are actually applied all around the globe. The same rules apply to every nation fighting the coronavirus. We are advised to take better care of ourselves and stay home if possible. Quarantine does not stop some businesses and there are plenty of professionals that can keep working from distance. Contact with other people should be minimal. Presidents Donald Trump concluded that in spite of the statistics and the harsh situation, doctors are ready to do their best to stop the coronavirus from transmitting. In some states the battle is more successful than in others, but the issue is not totally hopeless and the government will do what it should to protect its nation.

As a matter of fact, what statistics show does not seem too optimistic. In the USA the percentage of people diagnosed with COVID-19 is much higher than anywhere else. More than that, the number of deaths is also too high for a developed country where medical facilities are of the highest standards. We cannot blame doctors, scientists or researchers – this is something no one was ready to face. Being well-prepared and quite well-stocked is no guarantee that the virus will not attack the country. This disease can be found among the most successful, rich and popular. For instance, Chris Cuomo, a famous CNN anchor, tested positive for COVID-19. There are many more well-known people who have also been diagnosed with coronavirus.