Voting in Russia Requires Strict Control

Annabella Cornelly

Transparency of voting that governments in many countries arrange through blockchain needs control and must meet strict regulations. People have to know who they vote for, how many people participate in the elections and they always have the right to be sure that their votes belong to the right candidates at all times.

Unfortunately, life and reality may not be as perfect and ideal as we, ordinary people, would like such things to be. We do have to fight for our rights and freedoms and the transparency of voting is just one of the aspects all nations should pay their attention to. According to the crypto market specialists, blockchain vote in Russia was the most massive experiment powered by DLT, but how well it went is to be revealed.

Two weeks ago, the public vote in Russia finalized. The mission of the event was to find out how willing the population is to accept the amendments that the politicians made and whether the changes they made in the constitutions satisfy the public.

Part of the process was arranged on blockchain – that was performed to guarantee transparency and appropriate security. What officials decided to organized is regarded as Russia’s most impressive project powered by DLT.

On the other hand, this factor doesn’t prevent analysts from registering more than twenty million ‘weird’ and abnormal cases. They claim that it was a falsified voting event and something that modern history couldn’t predict or foresee. People wish to find out what the referendum was all about.

The changes in the constitution reflect the elite’s course toward traditional values. Some of the proposed amendments were related to religion and sexual orientation. Specialists do not agree about the structure of the process and say that the amendment related to the President’s right to run for another two terms lasting twelve years in total is something that the country’s population wouldn’t support.

How the Vote Was Arranged and Performed

Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow took part in the vote and the authorities provided two options. People could do it either electronically or personally. A number of websites illustrate that the blockchain served as a security instrument. This approach ensures transparency, encrypts each vote, and provides immutability of information.

According to Golos, a team responsible for the monitoring of elections states that the electronic procedure detected illegal activities. Professionals admit that the blockchain was created on an algorithm that didn’t provide enough transparency. The solution itself is efficient and is good for procedures that voting involves.

As we know, this method enables a reliable atmosphere for the organizers and the voters alike. It guarantees authentic data and the parties do not have to trust each other. Algorithms allow everyone to set up their separate nodes in the system. Unfortunately, reporters announce that not all processes went smoothly.

The system crashed and then started giving out strange results in a number of areas across the country. Polling stations announced the number of votes that sounded abnormal since there were twice as fewer residents as the statistics showed.

There were many double-voting cases and various incidents that make people believe that what the government arranged was falsified. Also, some researchers state that many votes were deciphered due to the high vulnerability of the entire system.