Wall Street with Two-Year Unmoved BTC

Colin Baseman

Agencies are now analyzing the current conditions that the cryptocurrency has entered. Many professionals studying recent data and statistics admit that there have been quite a few major events in the past few months that have significantly change the usual flow of things across the entire crypto space.

Grayscale has led a surge and claims that their team has seen a great institutional demand for new coins. The same information is delivered by MicroStrategy and many other trustworthy information outlets that keep the crypto society well-aware of the most important movements.

According to various diagrams and charts, participants can see that institutions are ready to buy massive amounts of the top-ranked cryptocurrency. They wish to ‘hodl’ it rather than sell and this is what looks and feels quite curious to most of those who deal with this asset. Participants refer to numerous sources that many social media platforms keep uploading. This week demonstrated more than forty percent of the crypto’s supply has currently left its wallet in the past two years.

Supply Outweighed by Demand

On the other hand, institutional sources seem to be buying an incredible amount of the crypto and this looks constantly like preparatory procedures aimed at the strategies employed by many hodlers for long-term investment. Analysts like Kevin Rooke have summarized the recent changes and presented their suggestions on their accounts.

Leading news agencies post the charts and diagrams illustrating how much crypto all miners have managed to produce in the past two weeks. They note that institutions’ are greatly interested in BTC and are ready to turn it into a treasury reserve asset. There was a purchase equal to two hundred and fifty million USD. Agencies pay attention to the latest purchases and mention the moratorium that we consider temporary.

As many participants know, the firm already possesses a large amount of coins. According to statistics, it may hold over three percent of the total supply in the nearest year. On top, its AUM has managed to surpass five billion USD. The previous few weeks showed that miners have played a major role yet they contributed fewer coins in supply if we compare those figures to the demand coming from major institutional parties.

Professionals admit that the release of new crypto per block is fixed. Moreover, it went down fifty percent right after the grand event took place. No one could guarantee that prices would rise. Finally, we cannot deny the fact that the supply is fixed and changing it means that miners would consider consensus. This, in turn, would make all participants lose profits. Luckily, the crypto’s features can preserve its status. After all, crypto is scarce which makes it hard money for many users.

Profits Have no Demand

The chart below demonstrates that there are not too many users who seem to be ready to take profits. Even though the pair of Bitcoin and U.S. dollar has managed to hit the top levels, there are not too many participants who would be eager to sell their assets. Long-term investment strategies seem to be the most favored at the moment.

Many users admit that supply keeps being stationary throughout the past two years. Similar trends occurred four years ago andleading specialists say that they see the price rise. However, there are too few people willing to take potential profits. Currently, supply keeps weakening while demand is getting higher.

Statisticians make comparisons and see that there are common trends that the crypto market experienced in 2016. All professionals urge crypto owners to arm themselves with BTC.