Welcome to the New Reality

Judy Rubio

Virtual reality feels more realistic than ever. A few years ago, technologies were not as developed. What scientists offer us nowadays looks and sounds surreal, indeed. Extended reality includes both augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR). Last year was especially productive and what the industry has cannot go unnoticed. Applications of this sort of devices are truly wide – from entertainment to medicine and many other spheres.

Virtual Reality – Way to Infinity

The consumer market makes and follows its own rules. It is predicted that almost $19 billion will be spent in 2020 on XR (extended reality) technology. This area is intensively developing and growing and we can only slightly imagine what breakthrough, inventions and ideas we may face in the very near future.

Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin included, was something that only select few could deal with. Nowadays the number of people working with them has reached 6 million. BTC is used all around the globe as a regular currency you can use to perform all sorts of purchases.

XR and cryptocurrency have plenty in common. They keep moving forward, developing and offering new possibilities to their users. According to Brian Armstrong, it seems that our planet might some day turn into a fully digital world.

Crypto blockchain technology has entered the virtual world and people perfectly realize the whole potential it has. Experts believe that there will be a great demand and need for this sort of innovations.

Virtual worlds and transaction made there are not attached to any particular area or country. There are no borders and restrictions and people can use a currency that is universal. More than that, money transfer is performed much faster and does not require any specific knowledge.

Why We Need Decentraland

Decentraland is exactly where Genesis City is located. That’s where you can buy virtual plots. Any user can become an owner of part of that virtual world. The platform is created around MANA. That could be described as a token based on blockchain offering to trade various services and goods.

The game includes a completely decentralized marketplace where users can manage, sell, and buy their LAND. The possibilities are endless if the user is a creative person who knows a lot about business development.

Once users dive into this type of activity, they soon understand how they can benefit from MANA. Mastering the basic rules take little time. However, to become an expert, one should feel dedicated and persistent enough.

Experiences Gained from CEEK

CEEK is another way to prove how promising VR is. It also uses crypto to entertain users by offering them all sorts of activities. Users find themselves in a digital city full of games, concert venues and cinemas.

Manufacturing VR headsets led the company to something that could hardly be foreseen. Their content is not original – their mission is to cooperate with record labels, theatre companies and sports teams and then make event broadcast.

Symbiosis for Successful Relationship

The established fact is that the XR industry can greatly benefit from crypto in case it keeps growing and maturing. One of the key factors then become ownership rights, which appear an issue in some certain industries. VR seems to be an endless source of monetization. Thanks to blockchain technology creators can be sure that the revenue reaches them.

The technology makes it easier to track watermarks and detect duplicates. It also allows contents owners to avoid piracy. From now on movie studios can control, supervise and manage video access and distribution. Before a viewer starts playing the video, he will have to go through validation to have access. As a result, improper use out of the video can be completely eliminated.

Bright Perspective

Virtual currencies require a virtual world. This is the only natural environment for this kind of innovation. What VR offers is effectively used and applied in the real world as well and makes it more convenient for us all. VR projects keep popping up and allow smooth experiences while interacting on their platforms. There is no doubt that XR technology will keep on growing and its adoption will also increase.