What Can We Expect after COVID-19?

David Kemp

It is said that the current security net got a really quick patch. Don‘t we all want to know what happens after the virus is fought? Congress has enacted the emergency legislation the main target of which was to let president Trump along with Republicans intensify a long-lasting debate regarding the measures that the country applies to protect the nation. There are more needy than ever before, he stated. Anti-poverty programs exist and they are quite effective. However, when the country is in a state of emergency, the number of people who need help from the government significantly increases. The net providing safety in such a case becomes insufficient.

Low-income families do expect the governmental institutions to support them in every way possible. Due to the current crisis, we have noticed and revealed holes in the system. The system works perfectly well during good times. It can offer some financial support to those who are unemployed for some reason. The program is created to push the jobless to look for work and provides plenty of support. Nevertheless, the level of protection for those who have no jobs is relatively low. We can describe it as a patchwork system that is useful and helpful when the country is not suffering from stress. The system that the USA government approves is considered the most appropriate and Congress does not see any point in inventing a new program for the poor. The system might not be as perfect, but this is something that has proved to be good enough till now. It is very possible that after the coronavirus the government will improve some of it to make it smoother and better prepared for the hardest of times.

Poverty Is Still a Serious Issue

Developed countries follow some certain rules and create programs that can provide at least a minimum income for poor families, especially those who have children. Child poverty in the is not as high as in developing countries and we may claim that the government can provide its population with the basic things like food and health care. What the Trump administration is trying to do is to adjust various programs and make the poor do their best rather than hope for never-ending support from the government. The administration offers to join work programs and creates other ways of finding a stable source of income. Some Republicans believe that the safety net is too large at present and that it should be less comfortable for those who are unwilling to change their lifestyle. The fact is that Republicans still agree to emergency checks, although this is done rather reluctantly. The rescue package is as big as $2 trillion. The money was shared among those who need financial support. Unemployment benefits are huge and the support that low-income families receive is good enough, which allows most of the poor keep living their regular lives without working.

Conservatives claim that the restrictions on public aid are inevitable. They make the entire American system even stronger. Conservatives are definitely against child poverty and are ready to improve the current laws and system to make them even more efficient. For ages, poor families have been receiving Medicaid and food stamps. The question that bothers our minds at the moment is whether this kind of support will be provided in the future. If not, then the percentage of poor families and child poverty will significantly rise. What seems to be unfair is that, according to economists, federal spending since the early 1990‘s has been shared among the so-called ‘poor‘ families who had earnings as well as people who ranked above the poverty line. This sort of imbalance can destroy the entire system that the country now fully relies on.

The Positive and the Negative of the Situation

The USA belong to the richest countries in the world and we do hope that this will not change. Whether we are going through a crisis or not, our mission is to be responsible citizens of our own country. We cannot guarantee a good life unless we take all responsibility of our own actions. Low-income families do need support, but they should also understand that being passive receivers leads nowhere – more effort should be made if they wish to live a happy life and give their children food, clothes, and education. The current situation caused by the coronavirus may change the whole perspective on the future. How successful and financially stable people are depends on their mentality. Being a citizen is not equal to being a dependent. What the government does to help low-income families should be temporary rather than a long-term measure.