Who Is Going to Control Reddit’s Points?

David Kemp

The new community has recently announced a new system. The mass media mention one of the most influential online networks that presents its fresh community points scheme. The project bases on the ETH blockchain and its bid is to build up a media platform that would focus on users, which would make it highly social. Some call it a new form of an independent frontier. The new system by Reddit runs on the platform that has proved to be quite reliable.

This week, the team has presented a slide and shared it with the public. The brand promised that users will soon be able to receive rewards through the token system which runs on the above-mentioned blockchain. It is essential to note that ETH allows us to create unique content. The reward system sounded appealing enough hence the number of people willing to test the project and become part of it has increased.

April was quite productive and effective – Reddit claims that they are happy to provide everyone with freedom and allow people to save their points. No doubt, users can also utilize their reward and purchase exclusive features. The list includes custom emojis and badges. The creators offer special GIFs that customers can use for their comments. Community points that users possess are visible – you can see them next to the username. Drop by the comments section to see how transparent the user’s reputation is and how active he is on the platform.

The Reward System Needs Supervision and Control

Experts who have analyzed the platform’s activity report that Reddit’s members will gain complete control over community points. The network’s karma exists to provide a basis of a customer’s activity within the community. Decision making depends on the very community and it will determine which members receive points. The greater the user’s contribution and engagement is, the more points he collects.

The network assures that the system cannot control users’ community points. The system is unique – there, points are based on a blockchain. More than that, they are stored in members’ wallets. You can compare the scheme to that used for BTC.

Neither moderators not Reddit are allowed to take users’ points away. They will not dictate or apply any rules as to how you can use your points.

Making the First Steps Forward

Currently, the reward system is going through testing. Once the beta phase is over, the team will introduce it to the public. Right now, the company is carrying out important experiments, doing research and analysis to identify whether additional improvements are necessary. They collaborate with various sectors and involve members – this is the most appropriate approach that would help to create a wholesome and effective point system.

The project, according to experts, will take some time to develop and shape into an effective instrument.

The beta phase is moving toward the final point. The next phase is for Reddit to transfer the new reward system to the ETH mainnet. Of course, they will carry over all users’ points – later on customers will be able to reclaim them.

Statistics show that more than 1,5 billion people visit the community. Since the number of people is high, it is important to integrate the system into Reddit. Hopefully, the project will help the market to adopt cryptocurrencies to a wider spectrum of areas.

The team is ready to discuss and share their ideas with their supporters as well as opponents. The brand’s website contains all the latest reports and news related to the project. People interested in the reward system are welcome to visit the site to learn more information and details.