XPR Is Likely to Keep Rally On

Colin Baseman

Cryptocurrencies keep fluctuating and this, according to all crypto market analysts, is a normal phenomenon – falls and sudden spikes happen on a regular basis. This is how the entire crypto market functions and operates. All these fluctuations may lead to greater changes. And changes, in turn, may lead to complete transformations in the crypto industry.

One of the currencies that attracted many professionals’ attention this week is XRP. As many sources state, its price gains of forty percent in one week are impressive, indeed. However, the question that won’t let many minds rest is whether it can keep on rallying to 0.50 USD?

There have been a few major resistance levels and the price has managed to break through all of them. This applies to the level of 0.30USD – now it is doing all possible to catch up to the top-ranked cryptocurrency, and yet its own gains are stunning.

The weekend brought a serious shakeout and this is why the majority of the markets keep on rallying. A couple of days ago users could see the BTC’s price drop by one thousand four hundred USD in mere minutes. It resulted in eleven thousand USD – the level that led to a one-million-USD liquidation in futures.

On the other hand, one of the most trustworthy assets might have also been considered XRP. This token rallied forty percent in the previous seven days. On top, it moved over seventy percent from recent lows approaching 0.30USD.

Several technical studies predicted this event earlier and now we can witness the price taking another step forward. Refer to the diagrams below to get a better understanding of the current trend. Analyze the data to make your own predictions for the nearest few days.

Crucial Resistance Seems to Be Closer

XRP’s price did a flip two weeks ago. Right after that, we saw a visible breakthrough of the MAs. This change resulted in an impressive rally to the 0.30USD area – this, as we can see, is actually an over seventy percent surge.

Many analysts do not believe there might be any continuation. The crucial zone seems to be quite close, yet it is a vital zone of resistance. Data proves that breaking it in one go would be impossible and one of the reasons is the price rally, too. The pair of USD and XRP might find itself in the bull area.

Also, it’s important to mention that participants can consider dips as favoring purchasing opportunities. Saturday showed a steep fall and the asset tested the support level. However, analysts say there might be more tests of this level. The next level would be between 0.40USD and 0.50 USD. This is where the following rally for the token will pause.

Specialists have been watching the pair trend down since 2018. Nevertheless, the recent price action illustrated that the token broke through the crucial level and rallied to 0.00002800 sats.

It is very unlikely for the market to see an upward continuation for assets in the nearest weeks. Participants will probably see a rejection occur since the price has managed to rally to this resistance level in one vertical line.

Even though there have been quite a few changes and events, many are willing to know the scenarios for XRP and BTC pair. According to research reports, there might be a correction towards the zone of 0.00002400 sats.

What analysts say makes us believe that this kind of correction is likely to line up with an overall correction that is typical of most of the crypto markets that remain to be healthy.