YFI Token Achieves a New Record High

Judy Rubio

Tokens that manage to reach and hit a new record high attract all crypto enthusiasts’ attention – all the changes that such tokens make influence further growth and development occurring in the crypto industry. According to the latest reports, YFI token has finally soared to more than thirty-eight thousand and eight hundred USD.

This is something impressive since its market capitalization has also surprised many crypto market analysts due to the fact that it has lately surpassed one billion USD. What makes everybody wonder is whether this trend can go even higher.

YFI is a popular token offered to all participants by yearn.finance. Now, this native token of the brand has surprised everyone surging by over seventy-five percent in the past twenty-four hours. Recent data indicates that now this asset is at its all-time record high of thirty-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-three USD.

In fact, thisUSDT pair can now be seen and analyzed on Binance where we see that there is a powerful upside movement. This change has definitely influenced the trend. Statistics illustrate that the mcap of the DeFi token is brought above one billion USD.

At the same time, many specialists state that traders feel excited and it is easy to understand why this is happening. However, some professionals feel doubtful and state that YFI might be overvalued at the moment. DeFi enthusiasts remain very positive and hope that YFI is going to succeed. In the past few weeks, developers have presented different products. Their list includes yinsure.finance., too.

On top, dozens of prominent investors have pointed out the potential of DeFi insurance – as many participants believe, this will eventually evolve into the following large market. Some products appear thanks to their fast-paced development. They might be boosting the current uptrend of the token. Similar behavior is seen across the active sphere spinning around yearn.finance.

Predictions Made by Market Analysts

Financial analystswrite that they are currently witnessing a trend that is far way more massive and serious. Right now, YFI is an innovating asset that keeps evolving at a tremendous speed, it is also self-improving. Talking about the long term, several experts announce that the valuation of yearn.finance is likely to achieve a few billion USD. There are specialists who suggest the possibility of a fifteen-billion-USD mcap. All this is proved with a thorough cash flow analysis.

Numerousposts on the web mention that five hundred thousand USD worth of YFI is equal to fifteen billion USD mcap. Once it starts trading under a certain condition, it would then might require generating three hundred million USD for holders. At the moment, it seems to be generating twenty million USD. As many professionals predict, it will go up.

If we add other products and opportunities, we will see that three hundred million USD in FCF is not far away. On the other hand, one should always keep in mind that there are a few obvious risks in the long term trend of the token. What specialists fear is the serious dependence of yearn.finance – right now the team heavily depends on Cronje, which is its core developer.

Also, there’s great pressure since the market expects the brand to keep on releasing fresh features and pins hopes on new products. Most DeFi tokens are prone to declining yield. If this occurs, the demand for the token as well as for yearn.finance will fall. The most serious threat to the yield across the entire DeFi field is the price ofETH. Whenever the latter declines, it causes governance tokens to drop as a result. Finally, the yield will substantially drop. The near term is another aspect many study – it shows that there are two variables that may slow the momentum of the asset.

These are liquidity and valuation. If we compare YFI to other pairs, we will instantly notice that this asset is illiquid. Analystswrite that the token seems to be ripping at the moment, and yet it looks illiquid. The main reason for this is the insufficient supply available on various major exchanges.