Youtubers Know How They Become Scammers’ Victims

Endy Callahan

Youtubers keep on claiming complaints saying that the platform cannot provide enough safety and security to the community members. This problem has been bothering users since the time YouTube was launched. The number of people opening new accounts is constantly growing and the service has gained plenty of popularity among millions of customers all around the globe.

One of the most essential parts of every successful project is related to the safety and security of personal data and private information of those who employ this or that service. On the other hand, there are a lot of cybercriminals who keep on inventing new ways to steal people’s accounts and funds.

As mass media outlets have recently announced, a Youtuber has lately become another victim of crypto scammers. He was willing enough to share his viewpoint and opinion regarding this matter. More than that, the user whose account was hacked explained how scammers commit this sort of crime.

Developers and IT technologists reveal that the modus operandi of various crypto scammers may vary and differ in each case. This is a frequent offense and there are dozens of criminal figures who apply their techniques to gain access to individuals’ accounts and personal information. According to a Youtuber who boast more than two million subscribers explained in detail how his channel was attacked by cybercriminals.

As many witnesses state, this became possible thanks to an XRP fake giveaway campaign. Specialists refer all to a video by a person who runs Universo Curioso. There the author demonstrates how cybercriminals took control of his account. First, the attackers delivered a contact request. What the Youtuber saw was an individual offering of a special tool aimed for video material editing.

Also, the man was referred to download fake software. Later on, it became clear that the product that can handle advertising revenues is a fake tool. After installation and downloading the application, the Youtuber damaged his channel. As a result, the malware was successfully deployed and the hackers took control over the account.

Consequences of Hacker Attacks

YouTube channels that seem to be popular attract various cybercriminals. They are looking for accounts where there are thousands and millions of subscribers. Their main mission is to use the stolen accounts for their own purposes.

As a rule, they spread fake news and offer various schemes and programs. Attackers find victims among subscribers and ask them to transfer funds for rewards. In many instances, scammers promise to send double the sum they receive from the individual. The mentioned Youtuber’s channel was focusing on science, history, and different mystery matters. After the attack, the account was overwhelmed with numerous live broadcasts.

More than that, there were a lot of recorded videos and all of the newly uploaded materials were related to a fake giveaway of one hundred million XRP. All that participants had to do was to send between two thousand and one hundred and fifty thousand XRP. Finally, the scammers asked the owner of the channel to pay them ten thousand USD in the top-ranked cryptocurrency. Only then would they allow him to regain the ownership of the popular channel.

After around five hours, the Youtuber managed to take back control of his channel. Luckily, he did it without paying the criminals and the scammers did not receive the reward that they had asked for. All the materials linked to the fake giveaway were deleted. We should admit that the crypto industry’s players have always been interested in YouTube for a number of reasons. However, many users are accusing the platform of remaining too negligent in taking down fraud and scams.