Airdrop- how to get cryptocurrency for free?

Colin Baseman

First of all, you need to understand why this method of promoting blockchain projects is called that way. The explanation is as logical as possible - free tokens literally fall on you from the sky. But how to become their recipient, who generally needs to dump them on you, and what subtleties does this technology conceal? Let's get this sorted out.

How does it work?

Participants of the crypto community who meet certain criteria or perform certain actions receive in return cryptocurrency. Under the actions, as a rule, is meant the dissemination of information about the project - for example, repost. In addition, you can take part in the distribution of cryptocurrencies of certain startups, simply being the holder of tokens of their partner projects. 

As a rule, Airdrop is beneficial to various new platforms, applications, and cryptocurrencies that are not yet on the exchange. They need promotion, and the creators resort to such a simple and effective method of promotion. The main goal of Airdrop is the advertising that users provide in exchange for coins. But sometimes venerable giants like Binance or top cryptocurrencies use this tool too - to remind users of themselves and to please already existing fans.

How to participate?

Here are the most common conditions that will allow you to get the treasured tokens without investments:

  • Share information. Most often, developers offer to repost from their official page, in exchange for sending coins to participants. This method can rightfully be considered one of the most effective for startups - information is becoming available to a large number of people.
  • Be the holder of a certain cryptocurrency. If there are certain tokens on your exchange balance, then soon you may find that a large number of coins have accumulated on your wallet that you have not even heard of. Congratulations, you participated in Airdrop and didn’t even notice it! But still, most Airdrop members purchase the necessary coins in advance.
  • Registration on the project website or subscription to the page on social networks. Developers use this method less often than to the above, but you should not forget about it.

What could be the limitations?

In addition to the basic conditions set by the developers, there may be certain subtleties. For example, you need to have at least a certain number of subscribers on a social network or be the owner of a specific amount of cryptocurrency.

What types of Airdrop exist?

The main types are incentive and automatic.

Incentive Airdrops is the receipt of cryptocurrency in exchange for actions. It can be not only repost - developers can reward participants, for example, for mailing lists, articles on blogs and websites, promotion on forums. Remember, the larger the audience, the more coins you will get.

Automatic Airdrops involves obtaining cryptocurrencies for owning certain coins. It is important to remember that you must have a wallet that will support the coins sent to you by the developers.

Now you are more familiar with the term Airdrops, and if you were attracted to receiving tokens without a dollar of investments, we advise you to check if there are any Airdrop planned in the near future. Remember the intricacies of Airdrops and use them to your advantage, easily earning cryptocurrency.