Aphelion (APH) overview

Colin Baseman

Aphelion uses a Peer to Peer mechanism for conducting transactions. It is using the APH token, which is a NEO-based cryptocurrency ("NEO overview" article tells more about the project). It can be used both – for paying commissions on the platform and for enabling the value exchange.

Key features of Aphelion (APH)

At the end of 2017, the Aphelion initial token offering was held. During this initial token offering $ 4.8 million was raised. It was expected that the ICO will be able to get $ 7 million investments. One of the system’s main features is the ability to trade assets with other users without any intermediaries.

The dApp Aphelion application protocol can be integrated with all other dApps. Developers can modify and discuss the source code with others since it is open and available. The platform is distinguished by its full decentralization.

Aphelion advantages

The main advantages of tokens are the following ones:

  • Conducting transactions using p2p peer-to-peer network.
  • The website absence avoids issues connected to DDOS-attack. Transactions are executed when each party conducts a transaction. It is registered on the user's computers afterwards.
  • Full platform decentralization.
  • The developers are attracted Aphelion network since it allows using different programming languages. This makes the project scalable.

The system uses BFT algorithm for protection instead of PoS and PoW. The algorithm allows dividing users into 2 groups:

  • The node operators that run them for generating income
  • Users interested in the blockchain networks benefits

The dBFT algorithm provides the ability to scale the network and conduct 20-10000 transactions per second. PoW and PoS are not capable of that.

APH tokens register the seller and buyer’s conditions; they check the proposed smart contract and liquidity. In case of success, the transaction is executed.

Competitors and prospects

The owners of the project consider the following companies as direct competitors: 

  • Shapeshift
  • Ripple
  • Loopring 

Aphelion board believes that the projects mentioned above have decentralized P2P networks just in words. A number of them are protocols based on proprietary and hardware software and servers.

The Aphelion project has great prospects. Its strong points are decentralization, team of professionals and network scalability. As a result, the project is able to compete with recognized leaders of the blockchain industry. You can evaluate its benefits by registering and performing several operations. Without a doubt, this digital asset exchange platform will become one of your favorite ones.