Betterment Application Overview

Judy Rubio

Betterment is an online consultant that opens up wide opportunities for portfolio investments. The application greatly simplifies investment activities. You can read more about the company bellow.

Betterment Specifics

Betterment company was registered in 2008, official activity was launched in 2010. It has brought online investment to a new level. The system uses algorithmic portfolio investment, moving away from being managed by people.

The main activity is portfolios that are collected on the basis of ETF. The company provides customers with tax efficiency and risk diversification. According to the latest data, Betterment manages over $ 15 billion. The company's customers are over 400 thousand users. In the article "Top Mobile Applications" you can get acquainted with other programs for investing and trading.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Betterment App

Cooperation with the company has several advantages:

  • Automatic rebalancing, diversification, and reinvestment of dividends
  • Low fees
  • Customizing portfolios to customer needs based on their goals and risk resilience

Besides its advantages, the application has some weaknesses:

  • User cannot collect his portfolio
  • Absence of online chat and 24/7 support
  • Lack of information and educational resources

More Useful Information about Betterment App

  • Convenient version for PC. The application is intuitively simple and straightforward. Its main purpose is to help with investment. The program does not provide reports on financial indicators of the company and interactive charts. The home page will help customers see progress towards their own goals. It is possible to set up 2-factor authentication, strategy planning, deposits and asset allocation in the portfolio.
  • High security. Betterment focuses on transparency and trust, that’s why its application is at the forefront of the industry. All information about the company can be obtained on the official website in a couple of clicks. The Betterment Securities broker is registered with the SEC, and Betterment LLC is an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company insures the funds of its customers in the amount of up to half a million dollars. Additional security is achieved through the use of key exchange technology, the use of reliable ciphers and protocols.
  • Research and analysis tools. The platform does not offer price change charts and tools for planning entry/exit from the market. Betterment users have access to resources that inform them of the benefits of ETFs, profitable investing, and portfolio issues. The developers also collected tax information.

The success of the Betterment application is quite logical. The service is characterized by high reliability and safety; it offers visitors effective investment tools and good protection. Therefore, the huge amount of customer funds in the accounts is not surprising. You should also try to use Betterment app. Perhaps soon this application will become your favorite!