Cloud Mining Rating. The best cloud mining 2019

Colin Baseman

Before you begin to review the services for cloud mining, you should get acquainted with how it works. Cloud mining is a way to mine cryptocurrencies. Technically, it is no different from the usual when you need to create your own farm. The only difference is when choosing cloud mining, you rent equipment that allows you to remotely mine coins.

All that is required from you is payment according to the tariff plan of a particular company. And caring for electricity, buying, placing a farm and ensuring its performance remains the responsibility of the lessors.

After you have briefly learned how cloud mining works, you need to select the coins that you want to mine. The list is quite wide - you can choose bitcoin, or popular altcoins or completely new currencies. Now you can start choosing the company itself. 


A very young, promising and actively developing company created by experienced miners. Reliable, safe and convenient service according to numerous user reviews.

Service registration date: July 2017

Cryptocurrencies available for mining: Bitcoin, Litecoin

Pros of CryptoUniverse:

  • Security. This service has advanced protection against various attacks, reliably protecting your income. High security and secure connection.
  • Monitoring the mining process. At any time, day or night, you can watch how the device you rented works - you just need to connect to the broadcast.
  • Convenient withdrawal of earned coins at any time. Since profits are replenished daily, you can easily withdraw and spend the amount you need.

CryptoUniverse service also has disadvantages: 

  • The main one is a modest list of cryptocurrencies mined. This service specializes in just two coins, so it may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Not a lot of tarrif options to choose from. Yes, of course, almost every miner will be able to find something for himself, but for people with big requests this may not be enough. 

IQ-mining - smart mining.

“Smart mining” is a technology that is a distinctive feature of this service. What does it consist of? Everything is very simple - the device will automatically extract only the most profitable coins, after which it will convert them to bitcoins.

A very convenient and profitable feature that brought the company more than 15,000 customers. According to the creators, these users have already made a total profit of $ 50 million.

Service registration date: beginning of 2016

Cryptocurrencies available for mining: IQ-mining offers its customers the following algorithms - Ethereum, SHA-256, Equihash and SHA-256 PRO. 

Pros and cons of IQ-mining:

  • Good reputation and relatively long life of the company. We managed to work with a solid number of customers. 
  • Decent earnings predicted by customers. It is assumed that using the service will bring good profit and, by the way, more than that of large competitors of IQ-mining.
  • Transparency and convenience - customers have the opportunity to understand in advance what to count on, and get all the data about the processes.

Regarding cons, we can distinguish only that the user does not have enough information about how cryptocurrencies are selected for mining. But since this algorithm is the most important for the company, secrecy is not surprising. - time-tested service

Calling this service a tested time, we are not exaggerating, because it has been operating for 6 years. Many users even consider it the best and not having competition. “Access for every user to cloud mining” is the motto of the creators of HashFlare.

Service registration date: 2013

Cryptocurrencies available for mining: the service offers an impressive list of algorithms - SHA-256, Eterhash, Scrypt, X11 and Equihash

Pros and Cons of HashFlare:

  • The beginning of mining with a minimum of investments - this company justifies its motto. The user has the opportunity to start working with the service by investing a minimum of investment.
  • A large number of coins available for mining.
  • High level of security, intuitive interface and detailed statistics - these are the aspects the company has earned its reputation among users.

Service also has cons:

  • The site runs quite slowly - this inconvenience is due to the circulation of a large number of users.
  • The inability to receive payments automatically. This feature is a security measure against hacking an account or theft, as the creators explain.

To summarize, we want to say that these services, despite all the advantages, are not the only ones that can be used for cloud mining. The top we compiled includes those sites that are among the most popular and have interesting features.