ConsenSys: overview and features of the company

ConsenSys: Brief Review

Annabella Cornelly

Welcome to meet ConsenSys! The company offers products and numerous solutions to assist enterprises. ConsenSys knows what needs to be done for businesses to make full use of blockchain technology and their spectrum includes a few major industries.

First, ConsenSys deals with asset management and makes them more efficient. Second, the team keeps track of the leading capital markets and increases their operational efficiency. Finally, ConsenSys focuses on decentralizes finance and presents the most advanced approaches to institutions, individuals, and developers.

 The platform takes pride in its products. Their selection is wide enough and customers can see Codefy for digitizing financial instruments, Diligents that serves as a security audit, and Infura, which provides instant access to IPFS and Ethereum networks. Bear in mind that ConsenSys has PegaSys with advanced privacy along with MetaMask – a crypto wallet.

Experience, Effort, and Talent 

The blockchain technology company creates apps for systems that are more secure, open, and efficient. The platform has been in the market for the past six years and has gained plenty of experience and skills. The team is capable of reshaping the entire digital architecture – the company has made it more innovative in many aspects. 

ConsenSys is famous for its additional platform known as Repsys. Their product allowed customers to vouch and verify the data while executing a range of transactions. The platform taught companies and individuals to lends, sell, borrow, and repay. That’s what crowdsourcing should feel and look like on a global scale.

The company makes investments and they choose open protocols. Thy also pay attention to applications and find infrastructure of utmost importance – these are the key factors that guarantee greater agency and shared value.  ConsenSys Labs pins its hopes on the following tiers:

  • Investments involve a seed-stage fund investing in decentralized protocols along with apps and infrastructure
  • Tachyon, which is an accelerating tool for blockchain and Web 3.0 startups
  • Relays, which concentrates on businesses, builders, and lets entrepreneurs enjoy further growth

 The company’s portfolio is quite impressive. The list includes some of the most prominent names. There one can see Coinhouse, 3Box, and CryptoMKT. The team has helped Ansero and BlockApp to develop their projects further as well. Their collaboration with Grid+ and Fathom is productive and promising. Another two brands most have heard of are Trustology and Virtue Poker, which have also co-worked with ConsenSys. The portfolio features over forty different partnerships that the company appreciates and is proud of.

In-Person and Online Programs 

ConsenSys is interested in meeting new people and establishing new contacts. The team is ready to provide in-person and online programs. Customers can take a course for developers and receive tools, tips, and content – all at the same time. By utilizing the instruments, knowledge, and skills partners can easily take their career to the next level and achieve greater results.

The company’s program is perfect for highly-motivated people who are looking forward to opening new opportunities and making their lives more prosperous. The team will guide you through the learning process and show you the path to the fastest developing technology areas. Thanks to their ideas and approach, people can successfully adjust and implement their projects much sooner. 

Let ConsenSys know you are prepared for the challenge!