Crypto wallets rate. Where is it better to store electronic currency?

David Kemp

They are more popular than traditional wallets - in general, online wallets store more coins than wallet programs.

Such storages are good as they relieve users of the need to download programs and learn their rules. To create an online wallet, you just need to register on the site.

Types of Internet Wallets 

Online wallets differ in security aspects - you need to pay special attention to this factor. After all, the safety of your funds and personal sense of security depend on it. On this basis, wallets can be divided into two groups:

1. The former uses multi-signature and is the preferred option because it is more secure. The essence of their work is quite simple - one part of the data necessary for the transaction is located with you, and the second is on the server of the wallet itself. Therefore, the keys have two sides and, even if the server or you are hacked, attackers are unlikely to be able to access the data.

2. The second type of wallet does not provide such level of security. Their essence lies in the fact that you only have a copy of the key, which is stored on the wallet server. Despite the fact that such services encrypt keys, they are justifiably considered more vulnerable to cracking.

Top 5 Wallets


This wallet is already 6 years old, and it has many advantages that give it the first place in the collection. The developers themselves say the following about their brainchild: “this is a bitcoin wallet that provides an easy way to buy, store, send bitcoins around the world.”

Pros of Cryptopay:

  • You can deposit and store money in the most common fiat money.
  • The small size of the commission is about 1% per action.
  • High security. At your disposal will be multi-signature and protection technology from the well-known company BitGo.

The only disadvantage of the wallet is that it is impossible to store altcoins there. Cryptocurrencies that can be stored: Bitcoin. 


The authors of this project claim that around 22 million wallets have been created over the entire life of Blockchain. It is rightfully one of the most famous cryptocurrency wallets.

When it comes to advantages of a wallet, security is the thing worthy to mention - two-factor authentication using your phone, reliable encryption of keys.

Following cryptocurrencies that can be stored: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.


Despite the fact that user encryption keys are stored on the project server, it does not become less popular. What is the reason for this? According to the creators of Coinbase, the keys do not have physical access from the Internet. In addition, the service is good in that transactions are fairly fast. Also, at the site, you can exchange fiat for cryptocurrency.

And, most interestingly - the insurance policy covers users any losses associated with violations of the cybersecurity or physical security of Coinbase.

Following cryptocurrencies that can be stored: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic.


Easy to use and fairly reliable wallet, which is positioned by developers as the most secure of the existing ones. It is possible to set a certain number of transactions over a period of time. For all new transactions, new wallet addresses are generated.

Two-factor authentication, multi-signature, as well as the ability to set a secret PIN. All of these features will reliably protect your funds.

Cryptocurrencies that can be stored: Bitcoin.


A good wallet designed to store Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. Ease of funds storage, flexibility of using a wallet and security are the three main advantages this service has.

We should also mention that the server does not store encryption keys - they are available only on your computer. The server itself acts as a conductor between the blockchain and your authorization data.

Cryptocurrencies that can be stored: Ethereum-like coins.

It is up to you, which wallet to choose. You might want to store your coins on cold media altogether. Nevertheless, online wallets have many convenient features, with their help you can quickly manage your tokens. The security level of the services from this review is up to the mark; they are trusted by hundreds of thousands of users. Therefore, they will become worthy candidates for the role of the repository of your digital assets.