Documentaries to Show How COVID-19 Changes Life

Judy Rubio

The pandemic does not seem to want to give up and let us enjoy the peace and quiet we have been longing for. Millions of people keep an eye on the latest news trying to find out as much information as possible – their major purpose is to know how COVID-19 has changed our planet’s usual life. The fact is that all the news that TV shows is mainly about the coronavirus and how it affected our lives. We cannot deny the fact that it is still making great changes and our life is transforming. How soon we will be able to live the life we used to just a year ago is not yet known. Some experts predict that it will all end pretty soon while other believe that 2020 is going to be one of the hardest periods in the world’s history.

Life keeps going and, in order to make our existence meaningful and useful, we work from our homes, take care of our daily duties and stay away from each other. Self-isolation is not that easy for extroverts, people, who love being around others. However, even introverts are suffering a lot since what is happening around is rather a depressing situation. One of the worst parts of the pandemic is that we fully understand that the coronavirus will affect the world’s economy and analysts think that, once the pandemic passes, there will be a huge number of people without jobs and incomes.

How People Survive

Whether it’s true or not will be clear after a few weeks or months. Nevertheless, we can see what other nations think and how they survive. Reporters and studios have started interviewing people all around the globe asking them to share their experiences, worries and troubles with their viewers in other countries.

Documentaries show that cities are empty and there are no people around. Some places feel totally abandoned and living in such a world is really depressing and sad. Optimists keep practicing their favorite activities. Some still go outside to walk their dogs or work out. We cannot meet out family and friends in person hence most use various software programs to get in touch with their relatives, children and parents.

Wearing masks is another rule we all should follow while under quarantine. It’s psychologically challenging, especially when we realize that it is done because the hazard is so terrifying that there are deaths in many countries. We cannot avoid watching news since it is important for us to be aware of what we need to do to provide full safety and security to our family and ourselves. At the same time, this sort of news makes a negative impact on people who are sensitive to the negativity it brings along.

Changes in Crypto Market

Cointelegraph chose to get in touch with people dealing with cryptocurrencies to ask them how the pandemic has affected their sphere of business. According to most leaders, they are prepared to cope with the inevitable crisis ahead. Their business is fully digital. It is decentralized and allows business people to adapt to all sorts of changes. They do not lose productivity and their business brings profit thanks to the remote operations they perform. Only several events have been postponed for later dates.

The coronavirus and the market crash it induced affected a few sectors while some brought profit rather than loss. What seems to be essential is that the latest events have had a heavy impact on Bitcoin. It exposed a short-term correlation of the currency with other traditional assets. Analysts claim that the market itself may open up plenty of opportunities for crypto. Investors may find Bitcoin quite attractive if their purpose is to preserve their money’s value. It proves that in some instances pandemic may bring life-changing events. Our mission is to apply them right to make full use of what the crisis offers.